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Hush is a testament to change. On one hand the record is slightly similar to their pervious projects lively and witty tunes that are perfect for a summer party soundtrack. On the other hand you can tell The Limos sound has developed since the release of their debut album Get Sharp (2010). Hush branches out of The Limos familiar electronic sound and infuses their dirty beats with a stunning, new diverse mix of new wave, soul, disco, funk and Caribbean zouk elements. Overly excited yelps and childish sing-song melodies the pair had recorded in the past are now toned down and refined with deeper meaningful lyrics about lost, lust, trust and protection. The guys felt this new mature sound stemmed from their own personal lives taking a humble turn. While recording Hush both of them unfortunately lost an abnormal number of friends and family to various tragedies, and Victorino himself was dealing with a mental illness in late 2011. Life s cruel circumstances forced them out of their own comfort zone personally and musically but over time they were able to embrace the change with peace and clarity. I don t think it would have been possible for us to write the same kind of album now, says Giovanni. We ve become such close friends. We ve traveled the world together, and helped each other through a lot of really hard times. Victorino continues, The last album was fun, and this one has its fun moments too, but that s pretty much all the two have in common. Where Get Sharp had no songs about love, nothing sexy, hardly any darkness Hush is all about love, drugs, loss and sex...mostly sex. It s our version of growing up. Their energetic live show has taken them worldwide, opening for Weezer, Neon Trees, and The Sounds. Since 2009 they ve been invited to play at such musical festivals as: Outside Lands, The Bamboozle, Treasure Island, Noisepop, plus they ve had the honor to give private performances at various events for Coca Cola at the 2012 London Olympics, Google Play, Red Bull, Macy s, NYLON, Hipstamatic, and AT&T. Their pervious singles - like Internet Killed The Video Star, which the track s video has accumulated over 1 million views on You Tube have charted on Sirius/ XM s Alt Nation Top 18, received numerous synchs (including various shows on MTV), and have earned them the title of MTV s Push Artist of the Week. After signing a singles deal with Universal Republic in 2009 and a brief stint in 2011 with Dangerbird Records, that saw downsizing and the eventual departure of the label s CEO, The Limousines were released from their contract. Independent once more in the fall of 2012, The Limos launched a Kickstarter campaign raising an impressive amount of $75,000 in 28 days for the recording and release of Hush. Hush is about going through the emotions of change and sharing some of life s most defining moments. Somehow, with all its differences, the new sound of The Limousines is still unmistakably them just better.

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