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Sotho Blue

Many things have changed since the founding of pianist/composer Abdullah Ibrahim s Ekaya ensemble. This mid-sized jazz ensemble, whose name means home, presented Ibrahim s most powerful musical statements during an important time of protest against Apartheid in his native South Africa. Sotho Blue, Ibrahim and Ekaya s new recording on Sunnyside/Intuition, shows a new side of the ensemble as compositions of the past evolve new and more promising depictions of Ibrahim s home.

Ibrahim hardly needs introduction. He has been an important musician since his debut in the 1950s in South Africa (using the stage name Dollar Brand) as a member of the legendary Jazz Epistles with Hugh Masekela, Kippie Moeketsi and Jonas Gwangwa. Ibrahim left South Africa for Europe to escape Apartheid and became an outspoken activist against the inhumanities suffered by the millions of his homeland. Well known as both a bandleader and solo artist, Ibrahim has become a favorite of jazz listeners for his ruminative piano playing and folk inspired compositions that echo the vocal tradition of South Africa.

Ibrahim s Ekaya ensemble originally convened in 1983. This midsized group featured a strong, unique lineup of reed players Ricky Ford, Carlos Ward, Charles Davis, trombonist Dick Griffin, drummer Ben Riley and either bassist Cecil McBee or David Williams. The four-horn lineup echoes the harmonies of vocal ensembles popular in South Africa during Ibrahim s youth. Ekaya recorded Ekaya and Water From An Ancient Well for the Ekapa record label. The ensemble proved to be one of Ibrahim s most popular and he has kept it as one of his vehicles for presenting his music, though not with the same musicians. The capable replacements that play in the current version of Ekaya include bassist Belden Bullock, drummer George Gray, alto saxophonist/flutist Cleave Guyton, tenor saxophonist Keith Loftis, trombonist Andrae Murchison and baritone saxophonist Jason Marshall.

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