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A Tango Ex) 02/24/98

Abraham (Cause And Effect) 05/09/00

Charlie (One Man's Trash) 12/02/99

Charlie (Rustic Fixer-Upper) 01/25/99

Gary (Bley/A Genuine Tong Funeral) 08/19/97

Gary (Collection) 09/10/96

Gary (Country Roads And Other Places) 04/21/98

Gary (Departure) 03/18/97

Gary (Dreams So Real) 05/08/01

Gary (Duster) 10/21/97

Gary (Eberhard Weber/Passengers) 05/08/01

Gary (Face To Face (W/Makoto Ozone)) 03/14/95

Gary (Good Vibes) 05/18/99

Gary (Jarret/Throb)

Gary (Libertango-Music Of Astor Piazzoll) 04/04/00

Gary (Like Minds) 10/29/98

Gary (Lofty Fake Anagram) 10/01/96

Gary (Makoto Ozone/Virtuosi) 03/12/02

Gary (No More Blues) 02/27/01

Gary (Piazzolla/New Tango)

Gary (Real Life Hits) 03/20/01

Gary (Reunion (W/Pat Methany))

Gary (Ring) 05/08/01

Gary (Steve Swallow/Hotel Hello) 05/08/01

Gary (The New Quartet) 05/08/01

Gary (W/Stephane Grappelli/Paris Encount) 04/24/01

Gary (Whiz Kids) 03/20/01

Gary - A Genuine Tong Funeral

Gary - Planet Jazz

Gary Chick Corea (Duet) 08/15/00

Gary Chick Corea (Lyric Suite For 6tet) 08/15/00

Gary Keith Jarrett - Throb

Gary/Astor Piazzolla - New Tango

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