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1978-90(8cd)) 07/28/99


Andre (Invisible City) 05/25/99

Golden State

Johnny (14 Greatest Hits) 12/14/98

Johnny (Green Snakes) 11/13/01

Johnny (Lost Highway Saloon) 09/12/00

Johnny (Sings Bob Wills) 09/12/00

Johnny (Whiskey River) 02/23/98

Kate (Hounds Of Love 6) 06/18/97

Kate (Hounds Of Love)

Kate (Lionheart) 08/17/98

Kate (Lionheart) 10/17/96

Kate (Never Forever) 10/17/96

Kate (Sensual World)

Kate (The Dreaming) 10/17/96

Kate (The Kick Inside) 10/17/96

Kate (The Red Shoes)

Kate (The Whole Story)

Kate (Tribute/E-Clypse (Fea Jemma Price)) 01/25/00

Kate - Hounds F Love

Kate - Lionheart

Kate - Never Forever

Kate - The Dreaming

Kate - The Hounds Of Love

Kate - The Kick Inside

Kate - The Sensual World

Kate - The Whole Story

Kate - This Woman's Work - Box Set (8 Cd)

Lascaux Symphony, Dance Overture, Dorian Passacaglia & Fugue

Sam (Glamour And Girls) 04/23/96

Sam (Howlin' At The Moon) 04/21/98

Sam (Ice Caps-Telluride In The Nineties) 07/25/00

Sam (Late As Usual) 06/06/97

Sixteen Stone

Stan (Stan Bush) 05/30/00

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