Lascaux Symphony, Dance Overture, Dorian Passacaglia & Fugue

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Bush: Lascaux Symphony, Dance Overture, Dorian Passacaglia & Fugue

lan Bush's orchestral music spans almost the entire twentieth century. Dutton's third CD exploring Bush's music, which features the Royal Scottish National Orchestra under the baton of Martin Yates, includes two vivid earlier orchestral works - dating from the 1930s and 1950s - together with the Lascaux Symphony, his fourth. In the Dance Overture, the basic rhythm is a slow foxtrot while the second-subject tune is almost worthy of Malcolm Arnold. The Dorian Passacaglia and Fugue features Bush's tuneful, nationalistic style. The Lascaux Symphony was first performed in 1986. It was inspired by the celebrated cave paintings at Lascaux, France. A four-movement work on a big scale, it addresses significant philosophical as well as musical issues with bold memorable themes and brilliant orchestral writing.

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