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Making Up For Lost Time



Butta Bing: Making Up For Lost Time


Making Up For Lost Time is Butta Bing's first album. The first song on the album "Cain Slang" is a display of street hustling versatility over wax. He changes accents, slangs, and mentality while the beat changes. On most CD's its the same story told a different way not this album, "Cain Slang's" a salute to the game and those who play it in the upper echelon of street hustling. "Bing Bang" is self-entitled Butta goes bezerk in no holds barred effort in describing who he is and his mentality. Folks this isn't gangsta rap I wouldn't even classify it in the traditional sense. This is redemption music that sways the soul like an old negro spiritual. Making Up For Lost Time is what Nat Turner would of rapped about had he been a rapper in these modern times. On "Murderah" Butta gives his insight on the state of the world as it is today. His views will definately stir up controversy, in my opinion its whats needed in these times, when so many rappers have nothing to sa! y beyond party and b.s.. It is definately a album overdue yes hip-hop fans you can finally exhale. Realness has returned to the rap industry. Don't take my opinion judge it for yourself. Before I go, I would like to comment on "Alright" which is arguably the albums best track in my opinion. He goes on describing his pain being incarcerated, what makes this track unique from all the other "I been to jail thuggin rap" he provides you with the problem and a solution to overcome it at the same time accepting his faults as a man. This album has too much substance for words, it will definately go down as a hip-hop classic.

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