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.22 (Watertown) 09/18/98


Bitchy (Black Socks And Happiness) 10/26/99

Blue Meanies (Full Throttle) 07/15/97

Blue Meanies (Pigs) 01/26/99

Blue Meanies (Post Wave) 08/07/01

Braid (Frankie Welfare Boy) 07/17/01

Calliope (Braille) 04/04/02

Calliope (Calliope) 06/26/00

Calliope (I Can See You With My Eyes Closed) 09/10/96

Cex (Oops I Did It Again) 10/09/01

Cex (Role Model) 06/08/01

Chewing Gum

Electric Company (Greatest Hits) 10/18/01

Fadeaway Records Presents 14 Songs

Feeling You Up

Five Deadly Venoms (Shapeshift) 05/11/99

Free Peoples

Gadjits (Today Is My Day) 01/29/02

Geezer Lake (King Frost Parade) 02/14/97

Half Film (East Of Monument) 04/28/98

Haus De Snaus

Haymarket Riot (Bloodshot Eyes) 09/17/01

Haymarket Riot (Haymarket Riot) 02/20/01

Haymarket Riot (Haymarket Riot/Wax) 11/02/01

Haymarket Riot (Wax ) 02/20/01

Hero Of A Hundred Fights (Remote The Cold) 03/06/01

Idaho (Alas) 10/13/98

Idaho (The Forbidden Ep) 03/25/97


Kid 606 (Gq On The Eq ) 06/13/01

Lesser (Mensa Dance Squad) 06/28/01

Long Dim Road


Men Are Monkeys Robots Win

Movielife (It's Go Time) 02/27/01

Now She's Gone (Now She's Gone) 10/24/00

Paperchase (Ctrl-Atl-Del-U) 07/16/01

Politics Of Sound

Season To Risk (1992-1997) 12/08/98

Sky Corvair (Unsafe At Any Speed) 03/27/01

Slow Burn

Starbilly (Master Vibrator) 05/23/00

Stars As Eyes (Freedom Rock) 06/28/01

Tekulvi (In Recognition Of Your Sign) 03/14/02

The No Fun

Throw (Invisible Daylight) 02/25/97

Tossers (The First League Out From Land) 09/20/01

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