Long Dim Road

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Long Dim Road





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Raised on the South Side of Chicago which is known for its huge Irish Catholic community, The Tossers emerged in the early 90s with their own brew of Celtic music fueled by a love of traditional folk songs and punk rock fury. They named themselves a pejorative term that some trace back to Shakespeare; depending on who you ask, it means commode, drunk, or the currency of Britain rejected when the Irish established their independence in the 1920s. After twelve years and four albums, The Tossers are back with their follow up to The Valley of the Shadow of Death, called Agony. It is a collection of songs that run the gamut, from slow to fast, sweet to angry and back again. Using traditional instrumentation comprised of mandolin, fiddle, tin whistle and banjo beefed up with guitar and drums, The Tossers play with a furious edge that teeters between rage and raucousness. Favorite sons of the Chicago scene, the Tossers possess an unparalleled work ethic, playing anywhere, anytime, for anybody, with anybody, banjo player Clay Hansen mused. The majority of the band members grew up together and while no one remembers exactly how the band formed, early gigs are described by Hansen as pretty much the same as now consuming mass amounts of alcohol, playing all night and not getting paid. Eventually their name got out and while continuing to play the pubs and taverns of Chicagos South Side, they began to open for legends like Shane McGowan and Stiff Little Fingers. The Tossers live shows are legendary for attracting fans of all ages and from all walks of life drenched in Guinness and Jameson, the dancing crowd are always one step from a riot.

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