Harpsichord Music /Leonhardt

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Assumpta Es Maria
Charlie (Aquarelle) 10/14/97
Charlie (At The Village Vangu)
Charlie (Au Courant) 01/13/98
Charlie (Best Of The Concord Years (2cd)) 09/26/00
Charlie (Bluebyrd) 10/14/97
Charlie (Blues Sonata) 12/11/01
Charlie (Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros)
Charlie (Bossa Nova Years) 10/14/97
Charlie (Brazilian Byrd)
Charlie (Byrd At The Gate)
Charlie (Byrd By The Sea) 05/16/00
Charlie (Byrd's Word) 10/17/00
Charlie (Byrdland/Brazilian Byrd) 01/30/01
Charlie (Charlie Byrd)
Charlie (Classical Byrd) 02/04/97
Charlie (Concord Jazz Heritage) 08/24/98
Charlie (Du Hot Club De Concord) 10/14/97
Charlie (For Louis) 03/14/00
Charlie (Guitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd) 07/15/97
Charlie (Isn't It Romantic) 10/14/97
Charlie (It's A Wonderful World) 03/14/97
Charlie (Jazz N Samba)
Charlie (Jazz Recital) 03/27/00
Charlie (Latin Byrd) 05/07/96
Charlie (Moments Like This) 10/14/97
Charlie (Mr.Guitar) 10/20/98
Charlie (Plays Jobim) 01/22/02
Charlie (With The Washington Guitar Quinte) 03/14/97
Charlie - Brazilian Byrd
Chris (Feel Him Movin') 07/10/01
Chris (Glory Glory Hallelujah) 06/25/99
Chris (Live) 07/10/01
Chris (Next Level) 07/10/01
Consort And Keyboard Music; Songs And Anthems
Donald (A New Perspective) 05/18/99
Donald (Art Farmer/Idrees Su)
Donald (Best Of)
Donald (Blackbyrd)
Donald (Booker Little/The Third World) 01/25/00
Donald (Byrd In Flight) 09/03/96
Donald (Byrd's Word) 03/27/00
Donald (Electric Byrd) 03/05/96
Donald (Fancy Free)
Donald (Groovin' For Nat) 03/12/01
Donald (Kofi) 03/21/95
Donald (Pepper Adams/Motor City Scene) 05/23/00
Donald (Slow Drag) 01/08/02
Donald (Street Lady) 01/28/97
Donald - Blackbyrd
Donald - Places And Spaces
Donald - The Best Of
Donald - Transition Sessions
Harpsichord Music /Leonhardt
Infelix Ego- Byrd Edition, Vol. 13
Jerry (Byrd Of Paridise) 07/21/97
Jerry (Steel Guitar) 04/14/98
Mass For Four Voices; Mass For Five Voices; Infelix Ego
Music Of Brazil) 01/11/99
My Ladye Nevells Booke
The Great Service
Tracy (It's About Time) 10/26/99
Tracy (Ten Rounds) 07/24/01
Tracy - It's About Time
Tracy - Ten Rounds
Tracy - Tracy Byrd



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Byrd: Harpsichord Music /Leonhardt

Pavan (16a), Galliard (16b), Clarifica me, Pater (49), Qui Passe (19), Alman (89), Pavan (14a), Galliard (14b), Lavolta (91), Pavan (23a), Galliard (23b), Ut re mi fa sol la (64), Ground (43), Rowland (7), Fantasia (13) / Gustav Leonhardt, clavecin

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