Tracy - It's About Time

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Assumpta Es Maria
Charlie (Aquarelle) 10/14/97
Charlie (At The Village Vangu)
Charlie (Au Courant) 01/13/98
Charlie (Best Of The Concord Years (2cd)) 09/26/00
Charlie (Bluebyrd) 10/14/97
Charlie (Blues Sonata) 12/11/01
Charlie (Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros)
Charlie (Bossa Nova Years) 10/14/97
Charlie (Brazilian Byrd)
Charlie (Byrd At The Gate)
Charlie (Byrd By The Sea) 05/16/00
Charlie (Byrd's Word) 10/17/00
Charlie (Byrdland/Brazilian Byrd) 01/30/01
Charlie (Charlie Byrd)
Charlie (Classical Byrd) 02/04/97
Charlie (Concord Jazz Heritage) 08/24/98
Charlie (Du Hot Club De Concord) 10/14/97
Charlie (For Louis) 03/14/00
Charlie (Guitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd) 07/15/97
Charlie (Isn't It Romantic) 10/14/97
Charlie (It's A Wonderful World) 03/14/97
Charlie (Jazz N Samba)
Charlie (Jazz Recital) 03/27/00
Charlie (Latin Byrd) 05/07/96
Charlie (Moments Like This) 10/14/97
Charlie (Mr.Guitar) 10/20/98
Charlie (Plays Jobim) 01/22/02
Charlie (With The Washington Guitar Quinte) 03/14/97
Charlie - Brazilian Byrd
Chris (Feel Him Movin') 07/10/01
Chris (Glory Glory Hallelujah) 06/25/99
Chris (Live) 07/10/01
Chris (Next Level) 07/10/01
Consort And Keyboard Music; Songs And Anthems
Donald (A New Perspective) 05/18/99
Donald (Art Farmer/Idrees Su)
Donald (Best Of)
Donald (Blackbyrd)
Donald (Booker Little/The Third World) 01/25/00
Donald (Byrd In Flight) 09/03/96
Donald (Byrd's Word) 03/27/00
Donald (Electric Byrd) 03/05/96
Donald (Fancy Free)
Donald (Groovin' For Nat) 03/12/01
Donald (Kofi) 03/21/95
Donald (Pepper Adams/Motor City Scene) 05/23/00
Donald (Slow Drag) 01/08/02
Donald (Street Lady) 01/28/97
Donald - Blackbyrd
Donald - Places And Spaces
Donald - The Best Of
Donald - Transition Sessions
Harpsichord Music /Leonhardt
Infelix Ego- Byrd Edition, Vol. 13
Jerry (Byrd Of Paridise) 07/21/97
Jerry (Steel Guitar) 04/14/98
Mass For Four Voices; Mass For Five Voices; Infelix Ego
Music Of Brazil) 01/11/99
My Ladye Nevells Booke
The Great Service
Tracy (It's About Time) 10/26/99
Tracy (Ten Rounds) 07/24/01
Tracy - It's About Time
Tracy - Ten Rounds
Tracy - Tracy Byrd



Byrd, Tracy - It's About Time


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