The - The Columbia Singles 1965-1967 (180 Gram Vinyl)

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The - The Columbia Singles 1965-1967 (180 Gram Vinyl)
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Byrds, The - The Columbia Singles 1965-1967 (180 Gram Vinyl)


When "Mr. Tambourine Man" first rumbled out of car radio speakers in 1965, it was a pivotal moment in pop history. With its jangling 12-string and epic sweep, it was the dawn of a new day: the birth of folk-rock. And the Byrds were just getting started. The next two years saw one hit after another, from the Biblical prophesies of "Turn! Turn! Turn!" to the raga-rock of "Eight Miles High," from the exotic orchestration of "So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" to the Byrds bringing it all back home with "My Back Pages." Here they are again, 30 landmark recordings in their perfectly constructed, radio-friendly mono mixes: the forgotten rarities, withdrawn singles and, of course, all the original A and B-sides. No one has ever had a stronger run of singles than did the Byrds in their prime. No one.

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