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Shirley ( The Caravans) 10/14/97

Shirley (1/J.Cleveland/The King Queen) 05/21/02

Shirley (A Miracle In Harlem) 04/29/97

Shirley (Best Of W. Cara) 06/30/95

Shirley (He's Working It Out For You)

Shirley (Her Very Best)

Shirley (Hymns) 10/30/01

Shirley (I Remember Mama)

Shirley (I'll Go) 02/08/00

Shirley (Just A Word) 07/16/96

Shirley (Live In Chicago)

Shirley (Live...He Will Come) 07/25/95

Shirley (Rejoice ) 09/12/00

Shirley (Sailin')

Shirley (Stand Still)

Shirley (The First Lady Of Gospel (2cd)) 03/19/02

Shirley (They Will Make A Way) 07/17/97

Shirley (To Be Like Him) 02/24/98

Shirley (You Can Make It) 09/05/00

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