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As It Is

Bird Cage

Byron (Dwell Among Us) 03/14/95

Byron (Purpose/Transparent In Your Presenc) 07/16/96

Complete Piano Music Vol. 5

John (1/The Choral Works) 12/04/98

John (1/The Text Pieces (2cd)) 12/14/99

John (2/Compl.String Quartets)

John (3/Piano Works) 02/12/98

John (4/The Works For Piano) 01/28/02

John (4/Variations) 12/04/97

John (Atlas Elipticales/103) 05/23/00

John (David Tudor/Indeterm)

John (In A Landscape/Dury)

John (Sonatas Interludes) 07/28/98

John (The Seasons) 06/13/00

John (The Works For Saxophone 1) 01/09/02

John (Voice And Piano/Clementi/Schleiermac) 10/23/01

Music For Prepared Piano, Vol. 2

Robert (Robert Cage Can See What You're Do) 05/19/98

Sonatas & Interludes (20c)

Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano

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