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Alchemysts (Over Out) 02/13/98

Alison Effect

Alphane Moon (Echoing Groove) 02/12/99

Beatiful Twisted

Black Swan Network (1/The Late Music) 08/05/97

Gentle Tasaday (From The Mind's Eye Of A Blind) 04/13/99


Green Pajamas (Strung Out) 05/15/98

History Of Epidemics

Hymn Of The Master

Illusions Of The Sun

It's All True

Let S Get Out Of This Country

Love Death (Can-Opened Mind) 07/28/98

Meet The Lothars

My Maudlin Career

My Maudlin Career Vinyl

Mystic River Sound

Primordial Undermind (Beings Of Game P-U) 11/16/01


Red Mantra

Resume The Cosmos

Round Wound

Salamander (Red Ampersand) 11/11/97

Serotonin Ronin 2

Sky Pilot

Stone Breath (Silver Thread To Weave The Season) 05/05/98

Strung Behind The Sun

Tadpoles (Whirlaway) 11/22/99

Tycho-Magnetic Anomaly & Full Consciousness Hidden

Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick (Soundproof) 08/28/01

Universal Mind Decoder

Vortex Navigation Company (Things Make Patterns) 04/13/99

Windy & Carl & The Lothars

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