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Aaron Bobby (Chicago Summer Stepper's) 05/15/00

Al (Natty Too Tall) 05/07/97

Al (Roots Culture) 07/30/99

Al (Vol.2/22 Karat Gold) 06/09/00

Delois Barrett (The Best Of) 09/19/97

Dirk Mont (Music From A Round Tower) 04/29/97

Don (Essence) 10/24/00

Don (Mozart Effect For Moms) 10/03/00

Don (Mozart Effect For Newborns-A Brig) 10/03/00

Don (Mozart Effect Music For Little On) 10/03/00

Don (Reggae Max) 06/27/01

Eddie (King Of The Jungle) 01/29/96

Eddie (That's When I Know)

Eddie C. (Gonna Be Alright) 08/31/99

Gary (Intersection)

Gary (Thick Thin) 02/15/00

Gene (1929-31) 05/21/97

Glen (Best Of) 10/17/96

Glen (Big Bluegrass Special) 10/09/01

Glen (By The Time I Get To Phoenix) 10/09/01

Glen (Classic Collection) 01/24/96

Glen (Conway Twitty/Back To Back Hits) 07/18/97

Glen (Galveston) 10/09/01

Glen (Gentle On My Mind) 10/09/01

Glen (Golden Hits Live) 09/06/01

Glen (Greatest Country Hits)

Glen (Greatest Hits Live) 01/31/02

Glen (Greatest Hits)

Glen (Love Songs) 02/08/00

Glen (Reunited With Jimmy Webb 1974-88) 10/26/99

Glen (Southern Nights/Greatest Hits) 06/27/00

Glen (Super Hits) 09/19/00

Glen (The Capitol Years) 03/08/99

Glen (The Glen Campbell Collection) 04/01/98

Glen (The Gold Collection) 05/15/00

Glen (The Songs Of Jimmy Webb) 10/09/01

Glen - Super Hits

Glenn (Starpower Series) 04/10/02

James (Dinovi/Young/Manhattan Echoes) 07/27/00

Janet (Moon Festival) 03/13/02

Jimmy (Young Opry Fiddler) 02/13/02

Jo Ann (I'm Nobody's Baby) 07/11/00

John (A Man His Blues)

John (After Hours) 12/12/01

John (Hook Slide And Sinker) 06/20/00

Kate (Moonpie Dreams) 01/14/97

Kate (Rosaryville) 07/20/99

Kate (Visions Of Plenty) 04/21/98

Kate (Wandering Strange) 02/20/01

Lamar ( Spirit Of Praise) 05/19/98

Lamar (I Need Your Spirit) 07/27/99

Lamar (When I Think About You) 10/24/00

Luther - Luke's Freakfest 2000

Mike (Loving Friends) 12/02/99

Mike (My Romance) 12/02/99

Roy (Communion) 03/15/96

Royce (Pitapat) 05/19/98

Royce (With Strings) 06/16/99

Stacy Dean (Ashes Of Old Love) 04/20/99

Tevin (Back To The World) 06/25/96

Tevin (I'm Ready)

Tevin (T.E.V.I.N.)

Tevin (Tevin Campbell) 02/23/99

Tevin (The Best Of) 01/30/01

Tevin - Another Way

Tevin - Back To The World

Tevin - I'm Ready

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