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Altars Of Madness

At The Gates (Slaughter Of/Soul) 11/07/95

Berzerker (Berzerker) 11/27/01


Blessed Are The Sick

Blessed Are The Sick

Blessed Are The Sick

Blo Torch (Blo Torch) 11/02/99

Bolt Thrower (For Victory) 01/24/95

Bolt Thrower (Realm Of Chaos) 04/04/95

Bolt Thrower (Who Dares Wins) 06/22/99

Bootlegged In Japan

Brutal Truth (Extreme Conditions Demand Extrem)

Brutal Truth (Need To Control)

Brutality Of War

Cadaver Inc. (Discipline) 05/29/01

Carcass (Heartwork) 09/10/96

Carcass (Symphonies Of Sickness) 01/10/95

Carcass (Wake Up And Smell The Carcass) 11/12/96

Carnage (Dark Recolections) 06/20/00

Carnival Bizarre

Cathedral (Endtyme) 04/03/01

Cathedral (Forest Of Equilibrium)

Cathedral (Soul Sacrifice/Statik Majik) 01/18/00

Cathedral (The Ethereal Mirror) 09/10/96

Citizen Brain (Cd/ )

Clutch (Impetus) 11/25/97

Death By Manipulation

Decapitated (Nihility) 02/19/02

Decapitated (Winds Of Creation) 04/11/00

December (Lament Configuration) 02/19/02

December Wolves (Blasterpiece Theater) 05/28/02

December Wolves (Completely Dehumanized) 05/04/99

Devil's Cut


Earplugged 2

Entombed (Clandestine) 06/02/00

Entombed (Hollowman) 09/10/96

Entombed (Left Hand Path)

Entombed (Monkey Puss) 07/06/99

Entombed (Wolverine Blues) 09/10/96

Ephel Duath (Rephormula) 01/22/02

Eternal Kingdom

Evile Enter The Grave Redux

Exiled To Earth

Feed The Beast

Five Serpent's Teeth

Forest Of Equilibrium

Formulas Fatal To The Flesh

From Beyond

Gandalf (Deadly Fairytales) 05/04/99

Garden Of Shadows (Oracle Moon) 09/19/00

Gateways To Annihilation

Generation Why


Godflesh (In All Languages (2 Cd)) 08/21/01

Godflesh (Pure) 02/13/96

Godflesh (Selfless/Merciless) 10/07/96

Godflesh (Songs Of Love Hate) 08/20/96

Godflesh (Streetcleaner)

Godflesh (Us Them) 06/22/99

Hate Eternal (Conquering The Throne) 11/02/99

Haunted (Live Rounds In Tokyo) 01/22/02

Haunted (The Haunted Made Me Do It) 11/14/00

Haunted (The Haunted) 08/06/98

Hazardous Mutation

Heartwork (Cd/ )



I Monarch


Insision (Beneath The Folds Of Flesh) 06/25/02

Iron Monkey (Iron Monkey) 10/14/97

Iron Monkey (Our Problem) 04/20/99

It Just Gets Worse


Linea 77 (Ketchup Suicide) 10/30/01

Linea 77 (Too Much Happiness...Makes Kids Paran) 06/27/00

Maniacal Miscreation

Massive Aggressive

Morbid Angel (Formulas Fatal To The Flesh) 08/17/99

Mortiis (Crypt Of The Wizard) 09/27/01

Mortiis (The Smell Of Rain) 10/30/01

Napalm Death (Fear Emptiness Despair) 09/10/96

Napalm Death (From Enslavement To) 04/18/95

Napalm Death (Harmony Corruption)

Napalm Death (In Toungues We Speak) 01/28/97

Napalm Death (Utopia Banished) 03/12/96

Organic Hallucinosis

Pain Necessary To Know

Painkiller (Buried Secrets/Guts Of A Virgin) 02/17/98

Painter's Palette

Pitchshifter (Desensitized) 06/20/00

Pitchshifter (Infotainment ) 05/07/96

Pitchshifter (Submit) 07/25/95

Pressure & Time

Rabies Caste (Let The Soul Out Cut The Vein) 10/02/01

Realm Of Chaos

Reek Of Putrefaction

Reek Of Putrefaction

Remix War

Rock Hell

Scars Of The Crucifix


Sleep (Sleep's Holy Mountain)

Somewhere Along The Highway

Spazztic Blurr (Spazztic Blurr) 09/18/01


Stench Of Redemption



Swansong (Cd/ )

Tales From The Grave In Space

Terrorizer (World Downfall) 07/25/95

The Art Of Partying

The Ivth Crusade

The Negation

Till Death Do Us Part

Ultraviolence (Superpower) 10/16/01

Unseen Terror (Human Error) 09/18/01

Usurper (Necronemesis) 03/19/02

Usurper (Visions From The Gods) 03/19/02

Vader (The Ultimate Incantation) 07/27/99

War Master

World Extermination

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