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12 Song Program

88 Fingers Louie (The Dom Years) 08/21/97


Acoustic 2

Agents Of The Underground


All The Best Songs

All This And Puppet Stew [Vinyl]

Anti-Flag (Underground Network) 04/24/01

As The Eternal Cowboy

Ataris (Look Forward To A Failure) 11/10/98

Avail (One Wrench) 06/23/00

Bracket (E Is For Everything On Fat Wreck) 11/19/96

Bracket (When All Else Fails) 05/09/00

Breakfast At Pappa's [Vinyl]

Bringing The War Home

Build & Burn



Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion

Consentual Selections

Consumed (Breakfast At Pappa's) 07/28/98

Consumed (Hit For Six) 11/02/99

Cool To Be You

Cuban Ballerina

Dance Hall Crashers (Live Record) 05/09/00

Dance Hall Crashers (Purr) 08/24/99

Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, And Bones

Dead Fm

Dead Language


Dickies (All This And Puppet Stew) 05/22/01


Distractions [Vinyl]

Don't Miss The Train

Down Side Up

Exile In Oblivion

Fabulous Disaster (Put Out Or Get Out) 03/06/01

Face To Face (Don't Turn Away)

Fat Music For Fat People

Feel Good Record Of The Year

First World Manifesto

Five Lessons Learned

Freak Out

Frenzal Rhomb (Man's Not A Camel) 06/08/99

Frenzal Rhomb (Shut Your Mouth) 03/20/01

Frenzal Rhomb (We're Going Out Tonight) 05/04/99

From The Dumpster To The Grave

Goober Patrol (Unbearable Lightness Of Being Dr) 02/02/99

Goober Patrol (Vacation) 08/12/96

Good Riddance (Ballads From The Revolution) 02/10/98

Good Riddance (For God And Country)

Good Riddance (Operation Phoenix) 05/04/99

Good Riddance (Symptoms Of A Leveling Spirit) 07/10/01

Growing Up

Guns N' Wankers (Guns N' Wankers)

Guts N Teeth

Hard Rock Bottom

Have A Ball

Heart Beats Pacific

Here Under Protest

Hi-Standard (Angry Fist) 07/29/97

Hi-Standard (Love Is A Battlefield) 07/24/01

Holiday Is Cancelled

Just One More

Keep It Going

Keep Them Confused

Keep Your Heart

Lagwagon (Double Platinum) 08/12/97

Lagwagon (Duh)

Lagwagon (Hoss) 01/17/96

Lagwagon (Trashed)

Lawrence Arms (Apathy And Exhaustion) 02/12/02

Less Than Jake (Borders Boundaries) 10/24/00

Let's Talk About Feelings

Life On The Ropes

Little Brother

Live In A Dive

Live In A Dive

Live In A Dive

Love Their Country

Lp Iii [Vinyl]

Mad Caddies (Duck And Cover) 08/11/98

Mad Caddies (Rock The Plank) 04/10/01

Masked Intruder

Me First /Gimme Gimmes (Are A Drag) 05/18/99

Me First /Gimme Gimmes (Blow In The Wind) 03/20/01

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes Take A Break (Cd)

Moscow Penny Ante

Mxpx (The Renaissance) 05/22/01

Neon Fiction

No Use For A Name (Daily Grind)

No Use For A Name (Incognito) 10/23/01

No Use For A Name (Leche Con Carne)

No Use For A Name (Making Friends) 08/12/97

No Use For A Name (More Betterness) 10/05/99

Nofx (45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough T) 05/21/02

Nofx (I Heard They Suck...Live)

Nofx (The Decline) 10/12/99

Nofx (The Longest Line)

Novelty Forever

Off The Leash

Phenomenon Of Craving

Pink Razors

Poets Were My Heroes

Poorly Formed

Potemkin City Limits

Propagandhi (How To Clean Everything)

Resignation Day

Rise Against (The Unraveling) 04/24/01


Sad Bear

Safeways Here We Come

Safeways Here We Come

Screeching Weasel (Bark Like A Dog) 11/12/96

Screeching Weasel (Television City Dream) 08/11/98

Screw 32 (Under The Influence Of Bad People) 08/21/97

See The Light

Self Entitled

Shine Not Burn

Shine Not Burn

Short Music For Short People

Snuff (Demmamussabebonk) 02/14/96

Snuff (Flibbidydibbidydob) 08/20/96

Snuff (Numb Nuts) 03/21/00

Snuff (Schminkie Minkie Pinkie) 05/05/98

Snuff (Snuff Said...) 08/20/96

Stop The Future

Strung Out (An American Paradox) 04/23/02

Strung Out (Another Day In Paradise)

Strung Out (Crossroads Illusions) 04/07/98

Strung Out (Twisted By Design) 05/05/98

Swingin Utters

Swingin' Utters (Brazen Head Ep) 06/15/99

Swingin' Utters (Juvenile Product Of The Workin) 09/10/96

Swingin' Utters (Sounds Wrong) 11/24/98

Swingin' Utters (Streets Of San Francisco) 10/23/01

Television City Dream

Terror State

The Element Of Sonic Defiance

They Came From The Shadows

They've Actually Gotten Worse Live

Tilt ('Til It Kills)

Tilt (Been Where Did What ) 11/06/01

Tilt (Collect 'Em All) 03/24/98

Tweet Tweet My Lovely

Until We're Dead

Viewers Like You

War On Errorism

Weasel Mania


Wizo (Kraut Rubern) 04/07/98

Wizo (Uuaarrgh )

Yours Truly

Zero Down (With A Lifetime To Play) 02/20/01

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