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Anus The Menace (Number 2) 04/25/97

At The Drive-In (Acrobatic Tenement) 07/24/00

Babyland (You Suck Crap) 04/25/97

Dance Party

Drinking Poison, Handling Serpents, Speaking In Tongues (Live In Big Bear)

Farflung (Raven That Ate The Moon) 01/07/97

Gasoline (Gasoline) 05/28/96

Gentle Art Of Smoking

Hopscotch & Bourbon

Kryptonite Nixon (Live At Jawbox Canyon) 06/12/98

Kryptonite Nixon (Swag) 04/25/97

Pop Defect (Don't Be Hateful) 04/25/97

Project For Life Records

Sandy Duncan's Eye (Sandy Duncan's Eye) 06/12/98

Sandy Duncan's Eye [Vinyl]

Sound Tape Recording

Stereopathetic Soulmanure

Stereopathic Soulmanure

Tvtv$ (Pepsi Generation X) 04/25/97

Tvtv$ (Rap Music Is Killing America) 04/25/97

Tvtv$ (We The Sheeple) 06/12/98


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