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Flying Fish Record

& So It Goes

10th Anniversary

A Place Of My Own

Above The Tower

Above The Tower

Alive In Jamaica

All American Song

And Loving You

And So It Goes. . .

ANew York City AchA!

Anthology Low Blows

Appalachian And Irish Tunes On Hammer Dulcimer

APuro Party!

Around The Next Bend

As Seen On No Television

At The Edge

Babies With Glasses

Baby Wants To Boogie

Barren County

Beat It Blow It Strum It Hum It

Beat It, Blow It, Strum It, Hum It!

Bell Of The Ledge

Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows

Blackberry Blossom

Bloodshot Eyes

Blue & Gray In Black & White


Blues (Recorded Live At Godfrey Daniels)

Boogie Woogie Zydeco

Breath Of My Fire

Breath On My Fire (1984) /Traveling Home (1987)

Brief Histories

By & By

By Heart

By Heart

By Heart

By The Sweat Of My Brow

Cajun Dance Band

Cajun Dance Band

Caludia Schmidt

Can't Buy Your Way

Chers Amis

Close As We Can Get

Close As We Can Get & Nine Til Midnight

Comin' At Ya


Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd

Cowboys Sweetheart



Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

Crossing To Skellig

Dakota Breezes

Dakota Breezes

Daniel Shays Highway

De Masaya

Don't Panic

Double Vision

Down At Evangelina's

Down On The River

Dr. Banjo Steps Out

Draw The Line

Eat This

Family Tradition

Fan Club Favorites

Farewell My Home

Feeding The Flame

Feel Something Drawing On Me

Fertile Ground

Filthy Rich

Fire Of Grace

Fire Of Grace

First Generation

Flatpickin Favorites

Flip Flop & Fly

Flip, Flop, & Fly

Fly Through The Country

Folk Music From Wisconsin

For Old Time's Sake

For Real

For You

Forever & Always

Forever & Always

Forgotten Dreams

Future & Past


Gift Of The Gnawa

Good People All - A Celtic Yuletide Tradition

Great Conch Train Robbery

Grupo Aymara - Alirina - Live And In Conc

Guitar Album

Gypsy Jazz

Hammer Dulcimer

Hand Power

Hard Times



Hartford & Hartford

Havana New York - The Historic U.S./Cuban Musical

Hello Operator This Is Country Gazette

Hillbilly Jazz

Hillbilly Jazz

His Journey Home

His Journey Home


Home & Away

Hot Rize

Hot Rize Presents

Hot Rize Presents Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers


I Have Seen Freedom

I Have Seen Freedom [Cd On Demand]

I Need A Storm

I'll Be There



Irish Music From St Paul To Donegal

It Ain't Easy

It Ain't Right

It Ain't Right

Jack Smith And The Rockabilly Planet



Jazz Babies Of The Ukraine

Jazz-Babies Of The Ukraine

Jim Post & Friends

Johnny & The Devil

Klezmer Music

Labour Day

Leap Of Faith


Lester Raymond Flatt

Let Me Back Into Your Life

Let Me Back Into Your Life

Let The Rough Side Drag

Let The Rough Side Drag

Light This Night

Little Movies

Live From Austin City Limits

Live In America

Lost Causeway

Louisiana Swamp Cats

Louisiana Swamp Cats

Love Chooses You

Love Stories

Loving You

Mandingo Griot Society

Mark Twang

Married To The Blues

Martin Bogan & Armstrongs

Medicine Trail

Meeting In Air

Memories That Bless & Burn


Michael Smith

Midwestern Heart [Cd On Demand]

Mike Auldridge

Mike Auldridge

Million Dollar Secret

Million Dollar Secret

Mixed Messages

Mother Mojo

Movimiento Music

Much To Share

Muevete! [Cd On Demand]

Mulberry Moon

Mulberry Moon - Original And Traditional Bluegrass

My Heart Keeps Sneakin Up On Me

My Only Consolation

Negro Religious Songs & Services

Never Grow Old

Never Grow Up

New Goodbyes Old Hellos

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 10 Ann

Nobody But You

Nobody Knows What You Do

Notes From Underground

Now & Then

October Child

Off Your Nyash

Old Time Music

On The Road To Prosperity

On This Day Earth Shall Ring

One Million Lawyers And Other Disasters

Out Of Darkness

Out Of The Dark & New Goodbyes Old Hellos


Paint Me On Velvet

Parallel Lives

Patria Chiquita Mia

Penguin Love

Peter Rowan

Phil Salazar

Pickin The Blues

Place Of My Own

Play Fiddle Play

Play, Fiddle, Play


Prairie Bluegrass - Early Days Of Bluegrass

Radio Boogie

Red Dragonfly - World Music On Guitar

Restless Rambling Heart

Reunion Rag

Road Less Travelled

Road To Prosperity



Rock Angel

Rogers Sally - The Unclaimed Pint - In Th

Rude Awakening

Run For Freedom/Sweet Thunder

Runoff & The Delicate Dance

Scraps Of Paper

See It Was Like This

Seven Valleys

Seven Valleys - Hammered Dulcimer Solos

Ship Of Fools

Silk City

Sing We All Merrily - A Colonial Christmas

Singin My Troubles Away

Skyline Drive



Songs For Children

Songs For Our Times

Songs Of Love & Parting

Songs Of Wwii Jewish Prisoners

Songs Of Wwii Jewish Resistance

Sooner Or Later

Southern Light

Spring In The Country

Spring Tide

Spring Tide

Squeeze This!

Stayin Cajun

Stayin' Cajun

Step Stone

Steppin' Out


Success Street

Sweet Honey In The Rock

Swingin' The Blues

Take A Stand

Take You To The Sky

Talk It Over

The Bramble & The Rose.

The Cowboy's Sweetheart

The Heart Of Steel

The Holy Ranger's Free Hand

The Nine Maidens

The Road Less Travelled

The Wheel Of The Year - Thirty Years With The Armstrong Family

These Crazy Years


Too Late To Turn Back Now

Toubles & Trials


Travelin Mood

Travelling Home

Treasures & Tears



Troubled Paradise - Traditional Music From Hawaii

Unclaimed Pet

Unfinished Portraits


Vital Signs






Walkin' Around

Walking Across Egypt

Walnut Gap


Watson Country

Ways To Fly

We All Every One Of Us

What's In The Bright

What's That

When The Storm Is Over/Fly Through The Country

Wilder Joy

Windy Days And Dusty Skies

With Friends In Texas

With You On My Side

Woman Of A Calm Heart

Words And Music

Yankee Dreams

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