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David (David Foster)

David (Recordings)

David (River Of Love)

David (Symphony Sessions)

David - Rechordings

David - Symphony Sessions

Fabian, Lara - O Canada

Foster For Brass

Frank (Fearless Frank Foster) 02/24/97

Frank (Frank Wess/Two For The Blues)

Frank (Leo Rising) 02/06/97

Frank (Soul Outing) 06/16/98

George (George Foster With Art Hodes) 12/09/99

Herman (Explosive Piano Of Herman) 04/16/02

Karen (War Is Not Enough) 11/14/00

Radney (Are You Ready For The Big Show ) 08/15/01

Stephen (American Songwriting Masters) 07/05/00

Stephen (Civil War Songs) 12/01/97

Stephen (Song Book/Shaw)

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