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Brad Paul (Walking On The Moon) 02/06/01

Dave (Power Of The Piano) 01/15/98

Hilos (Threads); Danza De Los Saqsampillos; Adagio Para Amantani; Quijotadas

Jackson C. (Jackson C. Frank) 06/11/02

Keith (Get On Boy ) 05/18/99

Keith (Live At Slims Y-Ki-Ki) 04/20/99

Keith (Movin' On Up)

Keith (On A Mission) 07/01/98

Keith (Only The Strong Survive) 07/17/96

Keith (Presents The Creole Connection) 02/06/01

Keith (Ready Or Not) 03/14/00

Keith (What's His Name)

Keith (You'd Be Surprised) 04/22/97

Life By The Hour

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