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Aretha (1/A Rose Is Still A Rose) 05/11/98

Aretha (30 Greatest Hits)

Aretha (A Rose Is Still A Rose) 03/24/98

Aretha (Amazing Grace)

Aretha (Aretha Arrives)

Aretha (Aretha Gospel)

Aretha (Aretha Now)

Aretha (Aretha's Best) 05/15/01

Aretha (Aretha's Jazz)

Aretha (Early Years) 02/11/97

Aretha (Get It Right) 06/16/98

Aretha (Great Aretha Franklin)

Aretha (Great Aretha/Sweet Bitter Love) 08/12/97

Aretha (Greatest Hits (1980-1994))

Aretha (Hey Now Hey)

Aretha (I've Never Loved A Man The Way) 06/20/95

Aretha (In Paris)

Aretha (Is Is Jazz) 04/28/98

Aretha (Jazz To Soul)

Aretha (Jump To It) 06/16/98

Aretha (Lady Soul) 06/20/95

Aretha (Let Me In Your Life)

Aretha (Live At/Filmore West)

Aretha (Love All The Hurt Away) 06/16/98

Aretha (Love Songs) 01/09/01

Aretha (Love Songs) 01/14/97

Aretha (Precious Lord) 01/15/02

Aretha (Queen Of Soul)

Aretha (Sings Standards) 01/17/02

Aretha (Sings The Blues)

Aretha (Soul '69)

Aretha (Sparkle)

Aretha (Spirit In The Dark)

Aretha (Sweet Bitter Love) 05/22/98

Aretha (The Delta Meets Detroit) 01/13/98

Aretha (This Girl's In Love W/You)

Aretha (Unforgettable) 02/28/95

Aretha (Who's Zoomin' Who)

Aretha - A Natural Woman...

Aretha - A Rose Is Still A Rose

Aretha - Amazing Grace (2cd)

Aretha - Aretha's Best

Aretha - Aretha's Blues

Aretha - Aretha's Gold

Aretha - Best Of Aretha...

Aretha - Get It Right

Aretha - Jazz To Soul

Aretha - Jump To It

Aretha - Love Songs

Aretha - Respect Other Hits

Aretha - The Queen In Waiting ( The Columbia Years 1960- 1965)

Aretha - This Girl's In Love ...

Aretha - Who's Zoomin' Who

C.L. (Legendary Sermons) 10/12/01

C.L. (My Favorite Sermons) 10/12/01

C.L. (Sermons Hymns) 10/19/99

Erma (Golden Classics)

Erma (Lavern Baker/Brunswick's Super S) 10/09/98

Henry (Bassic Instincts) 04/25/96

Henry (The Hunter) 05/11/98

James Ashley (Butsuga) 06/08/99

James Ashley (Moon Road To Dawn) 01/18/00

The Complete) 05/04/99

Young, Gifted Black

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