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Burnt (W/Jaki Liebezeit/Playing Secret) 05/14/02

Dean (Songs For Grownups (2cd)) 10/19/99

Debbie (And You Shall Be A Blessing) 05/26/98

Debbie (Live At Carnegie Hall) 05/26/98

Debbie (Live At The Del) 05/26/98

Debbie (Miricles Wonders) 05/26/98

Debbie (Renewal Of Spirit) 05/26/98

Debbie (Shannah Tova) 05/26/98

Don (A Day In The City)

Don (Circle Waltz) 05/11/00

Don (Circle Waltz) 12/12/01

Don (Dreams Explorations) 03/23/98

Don (Flashback) 12/12/01

Don (Hot Knepper Pepper) 12/07/99

Don (Invitation) 12/07/99

Don (Metamorphosis) 11/10/98

Don (Opus D'amour) 06/30/97

Ignaz (Liszt/Chopin) 02/13/98

Kinky (From One Good American To Another) 07/03/97

Kinky (Old Testaments New Revelations) 07/03/97

Kinky (Pearls In The Snow) 05/09/00

Kinky (Sold American)

Kinky - (No Title)

Marty (Dragon's Kiss)

Marty (Introduction)

Marty (Scenes)

Marty (True Obsessions) 10/08/96

Snooks (Snooks Friedman His Memphis) 11/20/01

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