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Big Sandy (On The Go) 12/07/99

Black Cat Orchestra (Black Cat Orchestra) 12/08/99

Black Cat Orchestra (Mysteries Explained) 04/20/01


Bok/Muir/Trickett (1/First 15 Years) 06/12/97

Bok/Muir/Trickett (All Shall Be Well Again) 08/19/99

Boswell Sisters (Never Issued Tunes Takes) 04/20/01

Burke,Ray (Cie Frazier,Butch Thompson/In New Or) 12/01/99

Cowboy's Conscience

Dj Juanito (Wishing On A Star) 11/20/01

Dj Nader (2/The Remix-Arabic Club) 10/23/01

Freaky Tales (Sndtrk) 04/23/02

Gangsta Without The Rap

Gloucester Gabriel

Hawaiian Memories (Vintage Original) 12/09/99

Hot Club Of San Francisco (Claire De Lune) 04/11/01

Hot Club Of San Francisco (Live Mcmvc) 07/12/96

Hot Club Of San Francisco (Qhcsf) 12/08/99

Hottest Stuff You Never Heard

How The West Was Swung 1

Inlakesh (Quantum Dreaming) 12/08/99

Jerry Portnoy's Blues Harmonica Masterclass

Just The Beginning

Kid Sheik (Charlie Love/1960) 12/01/99

Kofo (The Wonderman) 09/13/00

Live At Bernies

Live In Store At The Louisiana Music

Los Marijuanos (Puro Pleito) 04/20/99

Mac Mall (Mac Mall Presents The Mallennium) 08/10/99

Milton Jazz Concert 1963

Morrell,Tom (5/Go Uptown,How The West Was Swung) 12/09/99

Morrell,Tom (6/Smoke A Little Of This,How The W) 12/09/99

Morrell,Tom (9/Son Of No Peddlers,How The West) 12/09/99

Morrell,Tom (N Place Show,How The West W) 12/09/99

Morrell,Tom (On The Money,How The West Was Swun) 12/09/99

Movie Memories (Vintage Original) 12/09/99

New Orleans Jazz Wizards (Jambalaya) 12/01/99

On Air 1

On Air 2

Planet Rockers (26 Classic Tracks) 12/08/99

Princeton Triangle Jazz Band (Complete Recordin) 04/20/01

Richie Rich (The Game) 02/13/01

Rock 'N' Roll Orgy Vol. 3

Shake It And Break It

Shower Posse

Sunset Eyes 2000

Taste The Wall

The Key Of Life

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