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Aris (Toma Tu Pollito) 01/29/98

C./L.Gieco/M.Mateos (Leyendas) 02/06/01

Cesar (Love Takes Time) 03/28/00

Charly (El Fantasma De Canterville) 08/24/99

Charly (Pic-Nic) 02/08/00

Charly - Mtv Unplugged


Elsa (Tu Solamente Tu)

Etudes Esquisses; Celtic Airs

Hector Ivan (Ecos De Amor) 01/10/01

Hector Ivan (Ecos Del Ande) 01/10/01

Jerry (1/Howard Wales/Side Trips) 06/01/99

Jerry (A Talk With Jerry Garcia) 04/14/98

Jerry (Cats Under The Stars)

Jerry (Don't Let Go (2cd)) 01/23/01

Jerry (Grisman/Garcia Grisman) 09/20/96

Jerry (Grisman/Not For Kids Only)

Jerry (Grisman/Shady Grove) 10/15/96

Jerry (Run For The Roses)

Jerry (Shining Star (2cd)) 03/20/01

Jerry (The Pizza Tapes) 04/25/00

Jerry - Jerry Garcia Band

Jerry - Run For The Roses

Jerry Grateful Dead (Almost Acoustic)

Jerry Grateful Dead (Compliments)

Jerry Grateful Dead (Garcia)

Jerry Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia Band)

Jerry Grateful Dead (Reflections)

Mazi Rick (Comp. One) 05/04/99

Paulinho (Jazzmineiro) 03/30/01

Rick (Trax Classics Presents Rewind) 09/12/00

Rob (Place Of Resonance) 01/03/02

Sergent - Sin Fronteras

Tony"dr.Edit" (Featuring Reinald-O)

Tribute/Pickin' On Jerry Garc) 07/10/01

Victor (Amorcito) 02/09/99

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