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A Rapsody In Blue (1 Cd)

American In Paris, Mehta

Bernsein, Rhapsody In Blue

By Grofe- Original Orchestrations & Arrangements

Concerto In F; Rhapsody No. 2 / I Got Rhythm Variations

Fazil Say, New York Po

George (1/The Ultimate-Original Cast R) 07/16/01

George (2/Piano Rolls)

George (American Rhapsody) 08/21/98

George (C.Porter/A Salute To Broadway) 05/26/00

George (Caiola/George Gershwin) 09/16/97

George (Capitol Sings George Gershwin) 10/21/96

George (Earl Wild Transcriptions) 08/20/96

George (From Gershwin's Time) 11/17/98

George (Gershwin Plays Gershwin) 11/17/98

George (Happy Birthday George Gershwin) 10/02/97

George (Litton/Dallas Sym.Orch.) 05/23/97

George (Piano Concerto In F) 04/03/02

George (Plays His Greatest Hits) 04/28/98

George (Plays Rhapsody In Blue) 02/20/97

George (Porgy And Bess (2cd)) 09/14/99

George (Porgy Bess) 06/11/98

George (Rarities-The 1953-54 Walden Se) 07/06/01

George (Rhaps Blue) 06/03/97

George (Rhapsody In Blue)

George (Rhapsody In Blue) 02/21/00

George (Rhapsody In Blue/Bernstein) 08/18/00

George (Rhapsody In Blue/Fiedler) 05/16/97

George (Songbook) 01/15/02

George (The 100th Birthday Celebration) 09/15/98

George (The Gold Collection) 05/15/00

George (The Songwriters Collection) 06/18/02

George (The Ultimate Collection) 11/04/99

George (Tribute/Songbook) 10/11/00

George (Tribute/Songs Of) 09/03/98

George (Tribute/The Music Of) 07/25/00

George (We Got Rythym) 04/09/98

George - Gershwin - Girl Crazy

George - Piano Rolls Volume 2

George - Strike Up The Band

George Ira ("In Hollywood") 06/24/97

George Ira (In Hollywood) 06/16/00

George Ira (Pardon My English)

George Ira (Standards Gems) 09/01/98

Gershwin's Greatest Hits

I Got Rhythm (Piano Concerto In F/ Rhapsody In Blue/ Second Rhapsody)

Of Thee I Sing; Let Them Eat Cake - Audio Cassette

Piano Concerto, Rhapsodies, I Got Rhythm Variations / Sheffer, Eos Ensemble

Piano Duets

Porgy And Bess

Rediscovered Ii

Remembrance And Discovery, Vol. 2

Rhapsody In Blue & Piano Concerto In F

Rhapsody In Blue / An American In Paris / Concerto In F

Rhapsody In Blue / Piano Concerto In F

Rhapsody In Blue / Piano Concerto In F / An American In Paris

Rhapsody In Blue, Etc.

Rhapsody In Blue/Abravanel

Rhapsody In Blue; An American In Paris; Concerto In F (Rca Victor Basic 100, Vol. 30)

Rhapsody In Blue; Concerto In F; An American In Paris; Variations On "I Got Rhythm"

Rhapsody In Blue; Piano Concerto In F; An American In Paris

Romantic Classics 8

The Great Songs Of) 11/17/98

Tribute/Jazz Greats Play) 09/29/97

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