The 14 Layers Of Class By Ginie Sayles

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The 14 Layers Of Class By Ginie Sayles
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The 14 Layers Of Class By Ginie Sayles


On the PBS Special, "SOCIAL CLASS IN AMERICA," Ginie Sayles demonstrated how to project important Layers of Class.The PBS special is a highly acclaimed documentary by Peabody Award Winning Producers, Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker.

Money alone does not create "CLASS" A person can have money and not have 'class.'

Class is a personal quality that often eliminates people from being taken seriously by the Upper Class Rich for friendship or business.

There are 14 specific layers of Class and the Upper Class Rich
categorize themselves - and other people - according to how many layers of Class a person has. If you have only 10 of the 14 layers, you definitely have Class. Class is an identifying passport to moving up in life - and it can be acquired more easily than you imagine.

This CD tells you each layer of Class and specific ways you can acquire each layer - whatever your background. GINIE SAYLES defies the snobs who claim a person cannot change social class. She points out that every person with high social Class descended from cave-dwelling ancestors just like everyone else - and yet each generation bettered itself. Over time, society cultivated the important social layers of Class for civilized lifestyles. Their ancestors learned it and they did, too - and so can you. Class is within the grasp of anyone who wants it!

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