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A Madrigal Opera

Aguas Da Amazonia) 08/03/99


Cello Concerto No.1

Cello Concerto No.2 - Naqoyqatsi

Christine (Christine Glass) 02/18/97

Christine (Love And Poverty) 11/05/99

Concert Of The Sixth Sun

Einstein On The Beach

Einstein On The Beach

Glass - Satyagraha. Soloists, New York City Opera, Keene

Glass - The Photographer

Harpsichord Concertos

Heroes Symphony; The Light

In The Penal Colony

Itaipu; The Canyon

Metamorphosis, The Hours

Organ Works

Orphee (Complete Opera Recording)

Philip ("Heroes" Symphony) 02/04/97

Philip ("Low"symphony)

Philip (1000 Airplanes On) 10/17/96

Philip (Akhnaten)

Philip (Anima Mundi Sndtrk )

Philip (Circles) 11/05/01

Philip (Dance 1-5)

Philip (Dance Pieces)

Philip (Einstein On Beach)

Philip (Einstein On The Beach)

Philip (Glass Organ Works/Joyce)

Philip (Glassmasters) 01/24/97

Philip (Glassworks)

Philip (Hydrogen Jukebox)

Philip (Itaipu/Shaw)

Philip (Koyaanisqatsi) 10/27/98

Philip (Kronos Quartet/Dracula) 08/31/99

Philip (La Belle Et La Bete) 04/11/95

Philip (Music For Organ) 01/03/01

Philip (Music In Twelve Parts) 09/12/96

Philip (Philip On Film (5cd)) 08/13/01

Philip (Photographer)

Philip (Satyagraha)

Philip (Shankar/Passages) 07/28/97

Philip (Solo Pno.)

Philip (Songs From Trilogy)

Philip (Songs Liquid Days)

Philip (Suso/Screens)

Philip (Sym.3/Music From Voyage Civil W) 05/30/00

Philip (Symphony No. 2) 04/21/98

Philip (Vio.Cto./Kremer)

Philip (W/John Cage/Glass Cage) 11/05/01

Philip - Glassmasters. Selections From Philip Glass Compositions. Gla

Philip - Koyaanisqatsi

Philip - Music With Changing Parts

Philip - Naqoyqatsi

Philip - Philip On Film

Philip - Solo Piano. Glass

Requiem,Bardo And Nirmanaka) 10/03/00


Songs From Liquid Days. Soloists, Philip Glass Ensemble

Songs From The Trilogy

String Quartets Nos.1-5

Symphony No. 6; Plutonian Ode

Symphony No.3, The Hours

Symphony No.7 'Toltec'

Symphony No.9

Tara Hugo Sings Philip Glass

The Passion Of Ramakrishna

The Rome Section) 05/18/99

Violin Concerto

Violin Concerto No.2 - The American Four Seasons

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