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Afrobilly Soul Stew

Airn Beats Nairn

Cold Hand In Mine

Electric Bible Of The Blues

Happy New Millennium

Home Cookin'

House Of Cards

Jazz On The Vine 1

Jazz On The Vine 3

Junkyard Moon

Madrigali Libri 2

Music For Infants

No Strings Attached

Oakland Blues

On The Holiday Highway

Paris Slim (Bleedin' Heart) 08/13/99

Recorders Recorded

Rhythm On The Roof

Rhythmtown Jive (On The Main Street) 08/13/99

Rhythmtown Jive (Retrogroove Artifact) 08/13/99

River's Gonna Go

Samba Samba Kids

Solid Air (Heartbreak Town) 08/13/99

Sonatas For Saxophone And Piano

Summertime In The Big City

Tailgates & Substitutes

The Steel Guitar Of Bobby Black

Those Darn Accordions (Clownhead) 12/08/99


West Coast Mardi Gras Party

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