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Anti-Flag (A New Kind Of Army) 05/25/99

Black Army Jacket/Hemlock (Black Army Jacket/He) 09/30/97

Boris The Sprinkler (Gay ) 10/26/00

Boris The Sprinkler (Suck) 02/09/99

Broken Bones (Without Conscience) 04/17/01

Brothers Of Conquest (All The Colors Of Darknes) 05/14/02

Buttsteak (Men Who Pause) 02/20/96

Buzzcocks (Modern) 09/28/99

Candy Snatchers (Human Zoo ) 12/22/98

Cd Go-Kart Mp300 Raceway

Conflict (2/Standard Issue) 01/23/01

Conflict (Against All Odds) 01/23/01

Conflict (Conclusion) 01/23/01

Conflict (Conflict In America) 08/21/01

Conflict (In The Venue) 01/23/01

Conflict (Increase The Pressure) 01/23/01

Conflict (It's Time To See Who's Who Now) 01/23/01

Conflict (Only Stupid Bastards Help Emi) 01/23/01

Conflict (Standard Issue) 01/23/01

Conflict (The Final Conflict) 01/23/01

Conflict (The Ungovernable Force) 01/23/01

Conflict (Turning Rebellion Into Money) 01/23/01

Down By Law (Fly The Flag) 08/03/99

Extreme Noise Terror (Holocaust In Your Head) 04/17/01

Extreme Noise Terror/Filth Kick (In It For Life) 04/17/01

Go Kart Vs Corporate Giant 2

Go-Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant

Ha Ha [Vinyl]

Icons Of Filth (Icons Of Filth) 01/19/01

Justice League (Discography 1983-1988) 07/17/01

Kill Whitey

Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology

Lunachicks (Babysitters On Acid) 03/20/01

Lunachicks (Drop Dead Live) 08/18/98

Lunachicks (Luxury Problem) 06/08/99

Meatmen ((Cd )Evil In A League With Satan) 10/14/97

Meatmen (War Of The Superbikes Ii) 07/16/96

Mortarhate (A Compilation Of Deleted Dialogue) 02/06/01

Parasites (Compost) 01/06/00

Parasites (Rat Ass Pie) 05/05/98

Pinkerton Thugs (End Of An Era)

Plan A Project (Spirit Of A Soldier)

Pretty Ugly

Raw Noise (The Terror Continues) 05/01/01

Red Alert (Wearside) 05/01/01

Reinforce (Happy Teenagers) 07/17/01

Sick On The Bus (Punk Police/Sick On The Bus) 05/15/01

Sick On The Bus (Set Fire To Someone In Authori) 05/15/01

Southport (Nothing Is Easy) 10/31/00

Stepchildren Of Rock [Vinyl]

Stockyard Stoics (Stockyard Stoics)

Subliminable Messages

Sweet Diesel (Search And Annoy) 06/28/96

Templars (1118-1312) 02/13/98

Terror Firmer (Sndtrk) 10/31/00

This Is The A.L.F.

Token Entry (From Beneath The Streets) 08/04/98

Token Entry (Jaybird) 12/29/98

Two Man Advantage (Don't Label Us) 05/15/01

Under The Gun (Nowhere To Run) 05/17/99

Underdog (The Vanishing Point) 07/21/98

Up Your Ass Tray

Varukers (How Do You Sleep ) 02/20/01

Vice Squad (Get A Life) 05/01/01

Vice Squad (Resurrection) 05/01/01

Vision Of Disorder (For The Bleeders) 08/24/99

Voluptuous Horror Of Karen (National Heathcare) 05/17/96

Weston (Matinee) 09/23/97

Weston Doc Harper (The Stepchildren Of Rock) 10/13/98

You're Too Rich

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