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500 Nations (Television Sndtrk.)

Adriaenssen (Love Songs Dances/Kirch)

Aerosmith (Box Of Fire)

Alamo (Film Sndtrk) 03/14/95

Albita (No Se Parece A Nada) 06/27/95

Allman Brothers (2nd Set) 05/09/95

Babyface ((Sacd)The Day) 12/11/00

Babyface (For The Cool In You) 02/06/01

Babyface (Lovers) 02/06/01

Babyface (Tender Lover) 02/06/01

Babyface (The Day) 02/06/01

Bach (Vln.Ctos/Tafelmusik) 01/02/02

Bartok (Pno.Cto.1-3/Bronfman)

Beethoven (Brahms/Stern/Vln.Cto. Cl)

Beethoven (Pno.Sn.14)

Berlioz (Symphonie Fantastique)

Bernstein (The Essential/Bernstein) 07/23/99

Blown Away (Film Sndtrk)

Boston Pops (It Don't Mean A Thing...)

Boswell Sisters (That's How Rhythm Was Born) 08/08/95

Brahms (String Quartets/C.Neidich) 06/13/95

Brick (Best Of) 06/13/95

Bridge On The River Kwai (Film Sndtrk) 03/14/95

Bruckner (String Quartet/L'archibud)

Bugs Bunny And Friends

Bullets Over Broadway (Film Sndtrk.)

Byrds ((Sacd)Greatest Hits) 07/10/00

Byrds (Greatest Hits) 03/30/99

C C Music Factory (Anything Goes)

Carman (Champion)

Casals Edition (Brahms/Mendelssohn)

Casals Edition (Encores)

Cash,Johnny (Blood,Sweat And Tears)

Cash,Johnny (Now,There Was A Song)

Cheap Trick (Authorized Greatest Hits) 10/24/00

Clash (Cut The Crap)

Clerks (Film Sndtrk.)

Copland (Young Pioneers/Smit)

Corelli (Concerti Grossi)

Corrosion Of Conformity (Blind) 01/17/95

Corrosion Of Conformity (Deliverance)

Corrosion Of Conformity (Technocracy) 01/17/95

Cry Of Love (Diamonds Debris) 08/05/97

Cypress Hill (3/Temple Of Boom) 10/31/95

Da Brat (Funkdafied)

Dances With Wolves (Film Sndtrk) 05/02/95

Dog's Eye View (Happy Nowhere) 10/10/95

Essential Classics (2/Gregorian Chant)

Estefan,Gloria (Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me)

Fight (A Small Deadly Space) 04/18/95

Firehouse (Super Hits) 02/15/00

Florida Boys (Taste Of Heaven)

Forrest Gump (Film Score)

Frankenstein (Film Sndtrk) 09/29/98

Greatest Hits (Baroque) 06/13/95

Greatest Hits (Brass)

Greatest Hits (Chant)

Greatest Hits (Flute)

Greatest Hits (Guitar)

Greatest Hits (Marches)

Greatest Hits (Movies)

Greatest Hits (Opera)

Greatest Hits (Trumpet)

Greatest Hits (Violin)

Haydn (Missa St.Bernardi De Offi)

Haydn (Paris Sym.82,83,84/Tafelmusik)

Haydn (Paris Sym.85,86,87/Tafelm)

Haydn (Sym.88,89,90)

Higher Learning (Film Sndtrk.) 01/03/95

Immortal Beloved (Film Sndtrk)

Indigo Girls (Indigo Girls)

It Could Happen To You (Film Sndtrk)

Jamiroquai (The Return Of The Space Cowboy) 05/09/95

Jon B. (Bonafide) 05/23/95

Juilliard String Quartet (Intimate Letters) 02/26/96

K's Choice (Great Subconscious Club)

Kansas (Audiovisions) 02/27/96

Kansas (Drastic Measures) 02/27/96

Kansas (Vinyl Confessions) 02/27/96

Korn (Korn)

Legends Of The Fall (Film Sndtrk) 01/10/95

Lion In Winter (Film Sndtrk) 03/14/95

Little Women (Film Sndtrk) 01/10/95

London Suede (Dog Man Star)

Loverboy (Classics)

M A S H (Film Sndtrk) 03/14/95

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Birds Of Fire) 08/08/00

Major Lance (Everybody Loves A Good Time) 02/28/95

Manhattans (Love Songs) 01/11/00

Mask (Film Sndtrk)

Massenet (Herodiade/P.Domingo)

Maxwell (Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite) 04/02/96

Men At Work (Super Hits) 08/22/00

Men Of Vizion (Personal) 06/18/96

Mendelssohn (Dvorak/Stern/Vln.Cto.In F)

Mighty Clouds Of Joy (Changing Times)

Mozart (Haffner Serenade/Rampal) 06/13/95

Mozart (Mozart Makes You Smarter) 01/03/02

Mozart (Pno.Quartets/Ax/Ma/Stern/Laredo) 01/24/97

Mozart (Stern/Vln.Cto.#1-5)

Mozart (String Quintets/L'archibu)

Mozart (Sym.#23 36/Abbado) 05/21/96

Music Of Henry Mancini (Various)

Mussorgsky (Songs Dances Of Death) 06/10/96

My Fair Lady (Film Sndtrk)

Neary (A Millennium Of Music) 01/02/02

North (Film Sndtrk)

O'jays (Give The People What They Want) 02/28/95

O'jays (Let Me Make Love To You) 01/24/95

Oasis (Definitely Maybe)

Only You (Film Sndtrk)

Pearl Jam (Vitalogy)

Penderecki (Various)

Poco (Crazy Eyes) 07/18/95

Poco (Pickin' Up The Pieces) 07/18/95

Poco (Seven) 07/18/95

Point Of Grace (Point Of Grace)

Pret-A-Porter (Film Sndtrk)

Prong (Rude Awakening) 05/14/96

Purcell (Ayres For The Theatre/Lam)

Purcell (Music For Queen Mary) 10/25/96

Ravel (Debussy/Giulini Royal Concertge)

Respighi (Pines/Fountains/Maazel) 09/17/96

Rota (Cto.For Strings/Muti)

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer And Friends

Santana ( Buddy Miles/Live)

Schrecker (Irrelohe)

Schubert (Artis Quartett)

Schubert (Last Songs/Skovhus)

Schubert (Mozzafiato L'archibudel) 03/04/96

Schubert (Sym.#4,7,(8)"Unfinished"/) 03/29/96

Schubert (Sym.#9)

Schumann (Fantasies)

Schumann (Faust Scenes/Abbado)

Shawshank Redemption (Film Sndtrk)

Simon Garfunkel ( Re.M Bookends) 08/21/01

Simon Garfunkel ( Re.M Bridge Over Troubled) 08/21/01

Simon Garfunkel ( Re.M Parsley,Sage,Rosemary) 08/21/01

Simon Garfunkel (The Best Of) 11/16/99

Sly The Family Stone (A Whole New Thing) 07/18/95

Sly The Family Stone (Dance To The Music) 07/18/95

Sly The Family Stone (Life) 07/18/95

Specialist (Film Sndtrk)

Spontini (La Vestale)

Stabbing Westward (Wither Blister Burn Peel) 01/23/96

Stravinsky (Firebird)

Stravinsky (Petrushka)

Swan Princess (Film Sndtrk)

Tchaikovsky (Sibelius/Stern/Vln.Cto.)

Tchaikovsky (Sym.6)

The The (Hanky Panky) 02/14/95

The The (Solitude Ep)

Tonnage:A Compilation (Var:Alternative)

Trans-Global Underground (International Times) 03/14/95

Vienna Philharmonic (1995 New Year's Concert)

Vivaldi (Flute Festival)

Vivaldi (Oboe Cno./Liszt)

Vivaldi (Vln.Festival)

Vives (Dona Francisquita/Domingo)

Wagner (Der Fliegende Hollander/Levine) 03/12/97

Wanderer Trio (Mendelssohn Pno.Trios)

Westminster Abbey Choir (Miserere/M.Neary) 02/26/96

Wieniawski (Bruch/Stern/Vln.Cto.#1 2)

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