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Alex (Small Craft Warnings) 05/03/01

Bob (Moods In Jazz/Reflection In Jazz) 12/09/99

Bobby (Don't Let It End) 01/05/98

Dave (Turn) 03/30/01

David (Sacred Drum Visions) 03/05/02

David (Steve Gordon/Sacred Earth Drums) 07/23/98

David Steve (2/Garden Of Serenity) 10/08/98

David Steve (Drum Medicine) 08/10/99

David Steve (Garden Of Serenity) 10/08/98

David Steve (Misty Forest Morning) 07/24/00

David Steve (Oneness) 10/08/98

David Steve (Peaceful Evening) 10/08/98

David Steve (Sacred Spirit Drums) 10/08/98

David Steve (Sanctuary) 10/08/98

Dexter (1943-1947) 10/07/99

Dexter (Art Of The Ballad) 04/02/98

Dexter (At Montreux With Junior Mance) 12/12/01

Dexter (At Montreux)

Dexter (B.Webster/Tenor Titans) 09/16/97

Dexter (Ballads)

Dexter (Best Of)

Dexter (Ca' Purange) 02/04/99

Dexter (Daddy Plays The Horn) 04/25/00

Dexter (Dexter Calling)

Dexter (Dexter Rides Again) 03/24/00

Dexter (Dexter Rides Again) 08/16/99

Dexter (Doin' Alright)

Dexter (Feat. Joe Newman) 04/01/97

Dexter (Generation) 12/13/94

Dexter (Gettin' Around)

Dexter (Homecoming)

Dexter (Jumpin' Blues) 04/23/96

Dexter (L.T.D.) 04/23/01

Dexter (Live At Carnegie Hall) 03/31/98

Dexter (More Power )

Dexter (One Flight Up)

Dexter (Other Side Of Round)

Dexter (Our Man In Paris)

Dexter (Play A Long Book/Cd Set) 02/12/99

Dexter (Resurgence Of) 03/18/97

Dexter (Round Midnight Sndtrk) 04/16/02

Dexter (Settin' The Pace) 10/05/99

Dexter (Sophisticated Giant) 08/26/97

Dexter (Swingin Affair)

Dexter (Tangerine) 04/25/00

Dexter (The Panther)

Dexter (There Will Never Be Another You) 10/06/97

Dexter (Tower Of Power)

Dexter - Ballads

Dexter - Other Side Of Round Midnite

Dexter - Sophisticated Giant

Dexter Gordon Play) 03/18/97

Dwight (I've Been Waiting) 04/07/98


Honi (Honi Gordon Sings)

James (Pipe Street Dreams) 10/12/99

Jay (Rings Around The Sun) 04/11/00

Jimmie (1/1934-1936) 12/07/00

Jimmie (3/1939-1946) 12/07/00

Joe (Lookin' Good ) 11/21/00

Jon (Currents) 06/17/98

Jon (Jon Gordon) 04/15/98

Jon (Spark) 10/18/99

Kevin (Cadillac Jack's #1 Son) 02/17/98

Kevin (Down To The Well) 08/08/00

Killa Tay (Thug Thisle) 08/22/00

Kingpins Only (Kingpins Only) 05/08/01

Lonnie (Bad Mood) 10/17/96

Michael (Trance/Icebreaker) 02/19/97

Michael (Weather) 02/10/99

Michael - Weather

Michelle (Lioness) 07/25/00

Myk (Lonely) 08/20/01

Nina (Tonight And The Rest Of My Life) 06/27/00

Ricky Ian (Bright-Eyed Joy) 04/24/01

Ricky Ian - Bright Eyed Joy

Robert (Are You Gonna Be The One 9) 02/19/02

Robert (Are You Gonna Be The One) 04/29/97

Robert (Bad Boy) 08/19/97

Robert (Fresh Fish Special) 03/18/97

Robert (Rock Billie Boogie) 08/19/97

Robert (Rock Billy Boogie/Bad Boy) 07/10/01

Robert (The Robert Gordon Story) 03/18/97

Robert (With Link Wray) 04/29/97

Rosco (Just A Little Bit) 01/30/01

Sax (Have Horn Will Travel) 02/10/98

Steve (Deborah Martin/Ancient Power) 09/16/98

The Best Of The Rpm Years) 10/30/98

Wycliffe (Slidin' Home) 08/24/99

Wycliffe (The Search) 09/12/00

Wycliffe Ron Westray (Bone Structure) 08/20/96

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