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Amani (Songs Of Love) 08/14/01

Angela (Faithful And True) 08/14/01

Antonious (This Chapter In My Life) 08/14/01

Breathe Eazy (Baby Food) 08/14/01

Bruthaz Grimm (And Things Will Never Be The Sam) 08/14/01

C.R.O.W. (Method Of Attack) 08/14/01

C.R.O.W. (Operation K.A.P.) 11/02/99

Coo-B (Forgiven) 08/14/01

D.C.P. (Our Time To Shine) 08/01/00

D.D.C. (Collector's Edition Box Set) 10/11/01

Da Filled (Da Filled Trip) 10/23/01

Da Zoe Click (Reel Life) 10/23/01

E-Roc (Avalanche) 11/02/99

F.T.F. (Fire Proof ) 11/21/00

Faze (Collector's Edition Box Set) 10/11/01

Fiti Futuristic (All In A Days Work) 08/14/01

Galileans (Back For The Second Verse) 10/16/01

Gathering (The Gathering) 08/14/01

God's New Creation (Collector's Edition Box Set) 10/11/01

Gt Hit Mix (Collector's Edition Box Set) 10/11/01

J-Roc (Last Days Perilous Times) 08/13/01

Kandle (Encounters) 08/13/01

King Cyz (Life Or Death) 08/13/01

L.G.Wise (Greatest Hits) 10/24/00

Lil' Raskull (Because It Was Written) 08/14/01

Lil' Raskull (The Day After) 02/29/00

Lord Byron (Collector's Edition Box Set) 10/11/01

Mike Mike (Unimaginable) 08/14/01

Mr.Real (A Chosen One) 06/20/00

Mvp (Fired Up) 10/16/01

Mystery (The Mystery Is Revealed) 08/14/01

Preachas In Tha Hood (Gangsta Hits) 10/23/01

Preachas In Tha Hood (Life Sentence) 11/02/99

Prime Minister (Inside Out) 10/24/00

Remember When (An Ole Time Gospel Radio Show) 10/11/01

Rhymes Monumental (A Lie N Science) 08/14/01

Rubadub (Collector's Edition Box Set) 10/11/01

Str8 Young Gangstaz (Tha Movement) 11/02/99

True 2 Society (Best Of) 08/14/01

True Ii Society (All Up In Yo Face) 08/14/01

Truth (The Truth Hurts) 10/23/01

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