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12 Stones (12 Stones) 04/23/02

American Pearl (American Pearl) 08/22/00

Anywhere But Home (W/ Bonus )

Audio Cd - Finger Eleven - Them Vs. You Vs. Me

Audio Cd - Seether - Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

August Revital

Baboon (Secret Robot Control) 04/15/97

Baboon (The Numb(Ep)) 06/04/96

Better Than Blood

Boy Hits Car

Boy Sets Fire (After The Eulogy) 07/24/01

Brainiac (Bonsai Superstar) 08/27/96

Brainiac (Smack Bunny Baby) 08/27/96


Chimera (Earth Loop) 07/30/96

Coming Of Age

Creed (Human Clay) 09/28/99

Creed (My Own Prison) 08/26/97

Creed Greatest Hits Album

Daredevil Soundtrack


Disclaimer Ii (Bonus )

Ditch Witch (Everywhere Nowhere) 09/12/96

Dog Years

Dr.John (Trippin' Live) 07/29/97

Drowners (Is There Something On Your Mind ) 06/06/00

Drowning Pool (Sinner) 06/05/01

Dust For Life (Dust For Life) 10/10/00

Face Down In Turpentine


Fantastic 4

Fifteen (Surprise ) 04/30/96

Finger Eleven


Godplow (Red Giant Judas) 08/13/96

Godplow (Soft Formal Static) 08/13/96

Greyest Of Blue Skies

Half Hour To Go (Items For/Full Outfit) 06/18/96

Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus) 04/16/96

Loomis (You're No Tiger/Meow,Meow,Meow) 04/16/96

Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

Must (Androgynous Jesus) 04/09/02

Pollen (Peach Tree) 11/13/97

Potter's Field

Scream 3 (Sndtrk) 01/25/00

Starvation Box

Stretch Princess (Stretch Princess) 08/25/98

Ten O'clock Scholar (Quietest) 03/26/96

The Bodies Ep

The Great Divide

The Open Door


Trickside (Trickside) 08/07/01

Wasted Time (When It Was Fun) 03/26/96


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