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Claude (Best Of The Best) 06/26/01

Damon (Lookin' For Trouble) 02/15/00

Darin (The Lost Mariner) 06/06/01

Darin (This Past Spring) 05/15/01

David (A Century Ends) 07/10/01

David (Flesh) 07/10/01

David (Lost Songs) 04/17/01

David (Sell Sell Sell) 09/26/00

David (The Ep's 92-94) 07/10/01

David (White Ladder) 03/21/00

David - A New Day At Midnight

Dobie ("In" Crowders)

Dobie (Diamond Cuts) 01/18/00

Dobie (Out On The Floor With The In Crowd) 06/15/00

Dobie (Soul Days) 10/31/00

Dobie (Ultimate Collection) 04/03/01

Glen (And The Casa Loma Orchestra 1940) 12/03/99

Glen (And The Casa Loma Orchestra Mostly39) 12/03/99

Glen (Casa Loma Treat) 05/03/00

Glen (Smoke Rings) 04/09/02

Glen (The Complete Okeh Brunswick Hits) 06/19/01

Glen (The Continental) 08/08/95

Henry (Plays Chicago Blues) 04/03/01

Jerry (At The Hollywood Palladium) 05/04/01

Jerry (On The Bandstand With The Man Behin) 01/23/02

Jerry (The Best Of The Standard Transcript) 02/13/01

Macy ((Sacd)On How Life Is) 09/05/00

Macy (1/Still) 03/21/00

Macy (2/Still) 03/21/00

Macy (Do Something) 07/27/00

Macy (I Try) 03/21/00

Macy (I Try) 07/27/00

Macy (On How Life Is) 07/27/99

Macy (Sweet Baby) 11/06/01

Macy (Why Didn't You Call Me) 09/22/00

Macy - On How Life Is

Percy (It's Gonna Be Alright) 03/07/00

Sell, Sell, Sell

Wardell (1/Memorial)

Wardell (2/Memorial)

Wardell (Complete Sunset New Jazz Master) 09/11/00

Wardell (Small Combos 1946/1949) 01/09/01

Wardell 01/12/00

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