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12 Rulers Linval Thompson

A Collection Of English Lute Songs

Alpha Omega (The Sacred Art Of Dub) 01/26/99


Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2002

Born For A Purpose

Born For A Purpose

Bounty Killer (Ghetto Gramma) 08/05/97

Buccaneer (Classic) 10/05/98

Bushman (Higher Ground) 03/20/01

Bushman (Total Commitment) 03/30/99

Commandments Of Dub 1

Crucial Dub

Daddy Rings (Stand Out) 10/05/98

Degree (Yeah Man) 08/21/01

Destroys The Invaders

Double Jeopardy

Dr.Alimantado (Best Dressed Chicken In Town) 10/05/98

Drop-Topidi Nipples

Eastwood Saint (Two Bad Dj's) 10/05/98

Eek-A-Mouse (Wa-Do-Dem) 04/24/01

Elephant Man (Comin' 4 You) 10/24/00

Encounters Pac Man

General Echo (12" Of Pleasure) 10/05/98

Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 19

Greensleeves Rhythm Album 4

Greensleeves Sampler 15

Greensleeves Sampler 18

Greensleeves Sampler 20

Half Pint (One In A Million) 05/22/01

Headline News

Heads High [Vinyl]

Heavyweight Dub Champion

Higher Level


Israel Vibration (Israel Dub) 10/05/98



Joint Favourites

Junior Reid (Boom Shack A Lack) 10/05/98

Junjo (Presents A Live Session With Aces Int'l) 04/24/01

King Tubby (Dangerous Dub) 11/26/96

Log On

Mad Guitar

Michigan (Smiley/Downpression) 10/05/98

Mighty Diamonds (Real Enemy) 10/05/98

More Dangerous Dub

Most Wanted

Most Wanted (Best Of & More)

Mr.Vegas (Damn Right) 07/10/01

Mr.Vegas (Heads High) 10/05/98

Ninjaman (Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney S) 10/05/98

Nitty Gritty (King Kong/Turbo Charged/Trouble A) 10/05/98

No Argument

On The Rock

Presents Rockers Int'l

Ragga Jungle Anthems 2

Ragga Ragga Ragga 10

Ragga Ragga Ragga 16

Ragga Ragga Ragga 3

Ragga Ragga Ragga 5

Rasta Communication

Red Rat (I'm A Big Kid Now) 10/03/00

Red Rat (Oh No It's Red Rat) 01/14/98

Revolutionaires (Goldmine Dub) 10/05/98


Sampler 10

Sanchez (Can We Talk) 10/05/98

Scientist (Prince Jammy/Big Showdown) 10/05/98

Scientist (Rids World Of Evil Curse) 10/05/98

Scientist (Wins The World Cup) 10/05/98

Scientist Encounters Pac-Man At Channel One

Shaggy (Original Doberman) 03/20/96

Simpleton (1/4 To 12) 07/24/96

Sizzla (Bobo Ashanti) 09/05/00

Sizzla (Rastafari Teach I Everything) 09/04/01

Sizzla (Royal Son Ethiopia) 06/22/99

Slow Down

Stop That Train


Terror Fabulous (Lyrically Rough) 01/09/96

The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 99

Tippa Irie (Is It Really Happening To Me) 10/05/98

Up 2 Di Time

Up 2 Di Time [Vinyl]

Wailing Souls (Inchpinchers) 10/05/98

Wailing Sounds (Firehouse Rock) 05/08/01

Ward 21 (Mentally Disturbed) 10/16/01

Yellowman (Mister Yellowman) 05/08/01

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