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Advent In Winchester "O Come Emmanuel"

Bessie (Even Me) 04/11/00

Buck (Let's Elope Baby) 02/21/96

Carols Of Ralph Vaughan Williams

Christmas Carols From Westminster Abbey

Church Of Hawkwind

Coronation Of H.M.Queen Elizabeth Ii

Della (The Very Thought Of You) 07/14/98

Dick (All Blues) 03/26/99

Eddie (Message In The Hat)

Eddie (The Message) 03/09/99

Eddie - The Message

Favourite Hymns From Westminster Abbey

Johnny (Catharsis) 01/31/00

Johnny (Change Of Pace) 10/20/99

Johnny (Davis/Tough Tenor Back Again ) 01/27/98

Johnny (Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From M) 03/23/98

Johnny (E.Davis/Lookin' At Monk) 11/10/98

Johnny (Joe Pass/Grab This ) 11/21/00

Johnny (Johnny Griffin)

Johnny (Kerry Dancers) 10/16/01

Johnny (Little Giant)

Johnny (Martial Solal/In Out) 06/27/00

Johnny (Return Of The Griffin) 12/12/01

Johnny (Soul Groove) 08/14/01

Johnny (Studio Jazz Party) 12/12/01

Johnny (The Big Soul Band) 12/12/01

Johnny (The Little Giant) 12/09/99

Johnny (Way Out) 12/13/94

Johnny (White Gardenia)

Ken (Waltz Favorites) 01/15/02

King Of Glory (Evensong)

Merv (It's Like A Dream) 02/22/01

Mike (Back On The Streets Again)

Not Of This World

Oxford Evensong

Patty (1000 Kisses) 04/09/02

Patty (Flaming Red) 06/23/98

Rex (Last Letter) 12/12/96

Turn The Light On

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