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Beres (Beres Hammond Friends) 07/03/01

Beres (Beres Hammond) 05/11/99

Beres (Berrington Levy/Live) 07/01/97

Beres (Forever Yours) 06/13/96

Beres (Getting Stronger) 01/14/97

Beres (In Control)

Beres (Lara/Expression)

Beres (Putting Up Resistance) 06/13/96

Beres - In Control

Beres - Music Is Life

Beres - Sweetness

Clay (Z.Z. Hill/Southern Soul Brothers) 08/22/00

David (I Am The Wee Falorie Man) 05/20/97

Fred (Deliverance) 11/13/97

Fred (I Am Persuaded) 11/13/97

Fred (In Case You Missed It...And Then) 03/06/01

Fred (Inner Court) 05/20/97

Fred (Pages Of Life) 04/28/98

Fred (Purpose By Design) 03/21/00

Fred (Spirit Of David) 05/20/97

John (Best Of The Vanguard Years) 02/22/00

John (Best Of)

John (Big City Blues) 02/28/95

John (Country Blues)

John (Found True Love) 01/23/96

John (Frogs For Snakes)

John (Got Love If You Want It)

John (Hot Tracks) 05/03/96

John (John Hammond)

John (John Hammond)

John (Live)

John (Mileage)

John (Nobody But You) 10/01/96

John (So Many Roads)

John (Solo)

John (Trouble No More)

John (Wicked Grin) 03/13/01

John (You Can't Judge A Book By The)

John - I Can Tell

John Jr. (I Can Tell)

Johnny (Gears) 11/19/96

Lenn (Lenn Hammond) 06/05/01

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