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Col. Bruce The Aquarium Rescue Unit

Lionel (1940-1941) 08/04/97

Lionel (1947) 05/19/98

Lionel (And Friends)

Lionel (Flying Home) 08/28/01

Lionel (For The Love Of Music) 07/18/95

Lionel (Golden Vibess/Silver Vibes) 02/27/01

Lionel (Good Vibes) 05/02/02

Lionel (Greatest Hits) 04/16/96

Lionel (Groovin' Vibes) 05/08/01

Lionel (Hamp's Blues) 11/29/96

Lionel (Hamp's Boogie) 11/29/96

Lionel (I'm In The Mood For Swing) 12/18/96

Lionel (Jazzmaster) 11/05/01

Lionel (Jivin' The Vibes) 10/06/97

Lionel (Just Jazz/Live At Blue Note)

Lionel (Just Jazz/Live At Blue Note)

Lionel (Live At Carnegie Hall) 04/19/99

Lionel (Live Metropole Cafe '60-'61) 08/14/98

Lionel (Midnight Sun)

Lionel (Moods) 11/05/01

Lionel (Presents Charles Mingus) 02/29/00

Lionel (Priceless Jazz) 04/06/99

Lionel (Swingsation Series) 06/16/98

Lionel (Tatum Gr.Masterpiece)

Lionel (Terson/Verve Jazz Masters)

Lionel (The Lionel Hampton Quintet) 10/09/01

Lionel (The Lionel Hampton Story (4-Cd)) 05/08/01

Lionel (The New Look) 11/05/01

Lionel (Tribute/Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop ) 02/18/99

Lionel (Two Generations) 12/07/99

Lionel (Vintage Hampton)

Lionel (You Better Know It)

R.W. (Always In My Heart) 10/30/01

Slide (Jazz With A Twist) 10/03/00

Slide (Mellow-Dy) 02/04/98

Slide (Sister Salvation) 08/07/01

Slide (World Of Trombones) 01/04/00

Small Combos) 05/05/99

The Legendary Decc Rec.) 03/12/96

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