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An Evening With) 06/09/98

An Evening With.. (Remastered)

Butch (Diamond Hill) 03/10/99

Butch (Eats Away The Night)

Butch (Firewater) 08/20/98

Butch (Gilmore/Two Roads)

Butch (M.Lacouteure/Yella Rose) 06/18/98

Butch (Own Own)

Butch (Own The Way Over Here)

Butch (The Wind's Dominion) 02/17/98

Butch (You Coulda Walked Around The Wor) 11/18/97

Herbie ((Sacd)Headhunters) 03/21/00

Herbie (Best Of)

Herbie (Cantaloupe Island)

Herbie (Death Wish) 08/20/96

Herbie (Future 2 Future) 09/25/01

Herbie (Future Shock) 02/08/00

Herbie (Gershwin's World) 10/20/98

Herbie (Greatest Hits)

Herbie (Headhunters) 03/25/97

Herbie (Inventions Dimensi)

Herbie (Is Is Jazz) 04/28/98

Herbie (Jammin' With) 01/25/00

Herbie (Jazz Collection)

Herbie (Ken Burns Jazz) 11/07/00

Herbie (Man-Child)

Herbie (Mr.Hands) 03/22/00

Herbie (Night Walker) 05/02/02

Herbie (Out Of This World) 05/01/01

Herbie (Perfect Machine) 02/08/00

Herbie (Quartet)

Herbie (Rvg/Empyrean Isles) 03/23/99

Herbie (Rvg/Maiden Voyage) 04/20/99

Herbie (Secrets)

Herbie (Sextant) 08/18/98

Herbie (Sound System) 02/08/00

Herbie (Speak Like A Child)

Herbie (The Best Of The Hits) 02/08/00

Herbie (The Complete Sixties Sessions) 11/03/98

Herbie (The New Standard) 03/05/96

Herbie (The Prisoner) 10/10/00

Herbie (Thrust) 08/18/98

Herbie (Tribute/Music Of) 12/01/99

Herbie (V.S.O.P. Quintet)

Herbie - Future Shock

Herbie - Future Shock (Remastered)

Herbie - Greatest Hits

Herbie - Headhunters (Multichannel)

Herbie - Inventions And Dimensions

Herbie - Quartet - (W/ Wynton Marsalis)

Herbie - Secrets

Herbie - Sound System (Remastered)

Herbie - Speak Like A Child

Herbie - The Best Of

Herbie - The Best Of Herbie Hancock - The Hits (Remastered)

Herbie - The Herbie Hancock Box

Herbie - V.S.O.P. Quintet

The Complete Warner)

Tom (Dancers Do It On The Floor) 02/10/97

Tom (Outback) 09/18/96

Tom (True Stories Strange Romances) 01/14/99

Wayne (A-Town Blues) 09/04/01

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