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"Blowin Down The House"

'00 Balld Out Epi

...To Those Who Wait

19 Wheels (Sugareen) 10/09/01

A Little Something

A Million Kisses

A Wonderful Dream

Abide With Me

Acoustic Thunder

Afternoon Of Classical Favorites

All Hell Can't Stop Us

All You Need Is Live

Amy Crenshaw & The Crosstown Boys

And Now I Can See

Andrea Maybaum

Another Day Gone

Any Raw Flesh?

Artificially Flavored

Atlanta Ga

Atomic Dreamland

Au Dio Cd - 59th Street Bridge - The Mit/Wellesley Toons

Audio Cd

Audio Cd

Audio Cd

Audio Cd

Audio Cd

Audio Cd

Audio Cd

Audio Cd - My Heart's Cry - Chuck Betters

Audio Cd - Parlor Gems - Joseph Mayes

Audio Cd - R.Y.C.H. - Experiencia

B Tch And Animal (What's That Smell ) 05/18/01

Baby X (Southern Phenomenon) 05/01/01

Barefoot Mixed By Big Al

Besos De Fuego

Beyond This World

Big In Japan (1/Goodlove Sessions) 03/20/01

Birth Of A Giant


Black Wall Street

Blackshear (Destiny) 01/16/01



Blue Fever

Blue Room

Brilliant Pools Of Darkness

Brimstone 1

Broken Image


Brown Tribe (Domination) 10/06/99

Buzz Me Baby

C-No (We In The Middle) 07/24/01

Canopy Of Blue


Changin Tymes

Chyron Innovatorz

Circus Faustus

City Lights

City Lovers

Coal Train

Come To Sunday School

Confounds The Breather

Crescent Sky

Cro-Mags (Before The Quarrel) 02/15/00

Cro-Mags (Revenge) 02/15/00

Cross Canadian Ragweed (Highway 377) 02/27/01

Da Terrordome (Mydnyght Creep) 08/25/00

Danger Zone


David Barela Romantic Piano

Days On Earth

Decade Of Bull

Deep Blue See

Del Souls (My Neighborhood) 05/15/00

Derrick Williams: Give Mike The Ball: The A-Train Theme Song

Diary Of An Also-Ran

Dice (Black Monday) 10/10/00


Diet Of Worms


Dj Renegade Mixed Cd "Summer Madness 1999"

Dj X (Use Your Luv) 09/26/00

Dl Cartel (Cd'z Or Kee'z (Shake T Ts And A )) 05/24/01

Do Yourself A Favor And Listen To This...

Dollar Green Cadillac

Dont Tell Me Nothin



Edeezy (No Matter The Odds) 01/16/01

Eli's Dance

Emily Songs



Ephemera For The Future

Estoy Aqui



Everything I Love


Expressions Of Love

Face The Day

Falcon Jones

Federico Cordero: Los Dos Federico: Recuerdos De Borinquen

Felt Like Home

Feminazis (To Ordinary Women) 05/18/01

Fernando Del Valle Cd

Field Day (Way I See The World) 05/07/02

Fight The Good Fight

First Of All

Five Small Steps

Flawed Beauty



For God & Country

Freakin' Cads (Escape From Philly) 03/20/01


Friend Of Mine

From Here To Dystopia

From The Heart



Gayatri: Ave: A Folk Opera Of The Two Marys

Gemini (Project Life) 05/09/00

Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch

Gift Of Forgiveness

Ginger's Dish

God Ausar (Poetic Jazz Of Rudolph Valentino) 03/06/01

Gone To Texas

Good Day

Good Kid

Grand Buffet (Sparkle Classic) 03/28/02


Guzzlers (All Alone In Texas) 10/24/00

Hana (Omen) 02/26/01

Hardware Sex & Misunderstanding

He'll Lift You Up!


Heavenly Child

Hello World

Here And Now

Here In The Underground

His Word


Hood Scenes

How Can I Keep From Singing

I Am Waiting

I Know What I Want

I Thought About You

I-45 (Lost Between The Lines) 02/15/00

Idle Wilds (Unheard) 08/20/01

If I Was



In A Curious Way

In My Place



Intense (Midnight Sun) 10/24/00

Into All The World

Invisible Man

Is It You

It's A Good Day

J.D. (Puttin'-N-Wurk) 02/19/02

Jazz 'N & Blues 'N

Jazz Impressions

Jennifer Taylor

Jewels & Fools

Jimmie James

Josephine Johnny (Out On Bail) 04/17/01

Josephine Johnny (Trouble Will Find U) 07/25/00

Just For You

Just In Time For Christmas

Kat' Taylor-Music Of Chicago Composers

Knocking At The Doorway To My Soul

Kromosone Project (Love Energy) 05/08/01


Lava's Knee-Deep In Nothing Cd

Lavender Country (Lavender Country) 05/21/01


Let Me Off The Leash

Life's Been Good


Live & Loud At The Wormy Dog

Live At The Blues Cafe

Live At The Shop

Live... At Home

Living In The World

Long Distance Love Affair

Long Hard Road

Lounge-O-Leers (Meet The Lounge-O-Leers) 09/19/00

Low Down & Dirty

Lucky One

Lunar Saint

Malone ( 3/Hustler) 05/22/00

Marcel: Spice : The Alternative Hip-Hop Experience

Mario (Had To Be Cold) 08/21/01

Mddl Fngz (Trouble) 03/14/00

Medicine Mann

Midnight Clear

Mizz Hyde (I'm Flossed Out ) 04/21/00

Mood Change Of Season

Mood Ring

More Original Gospel Music From The Gospel Cowboy

More Songs About The Reproductive Cycle

Mountain Of Venus

Move Yourself

Mr.Downchild (Behind The Sun) 05/15/01

Mueller Group

Music For An Art Gallery

Music For An Empty Afternoon

Music From The Univearth


My First Car

My Knobs Taste Funny

My Special One

My Standards

Natty Strong

Ndvidual (The Mood,The Music,The Message) 01/12/00

New World

No Big Deal

No Color In The Blues

No Matter What

Nova Custom

Now Or Never

Old Stuff

On The Edge Of Somewhere

One God, One Heart, One Voice

One Ton Suit

Options-The Compilation Album

Out 2 Git It

Out On A Limb

Overgrown Kid

Palaxy Tracks (The Long Wind Down) 09/14/00

Parlor Dogs (Social Harem) 06/05/00

Pass The Biscuits

Passion & Grace

Petaman (Trouble Life) 05/01/01

Phantom Stranger

Phat Cat Players (Make It Phat Baby ) 04/19/00

Phaze Ii (Options) 10/06/00

Philly Cuzz (On The Way To Cape May) 06/05/01

Pictures At The Family House

Piece Of Me

Pipe Dreams

Poochie (Rebel Without A Pause) 02/28/02

Power Of The Dogs

Praise Him 2



Pulp Fiction

Punishment For Decadence

Punk City (Adventures In Punk City) 02/28/02


Quit Clownin

Radio Chongching (Radio Chongching) 11/09/99

Rags To Rich's

Rainbow Fresh

Rainforest Suite

Real Az They Come

Real Boy

Redfish Island

Reflections On Life

Remains Of Eden

Rembert Washington Memorial Chorale (I Can See) 07/25/00

Renegade Heaven (Bang On A Can) 05/06/02


Ride On

Right Here Right Now

Right In Front Of You

Ritmo Fuego Pasion

River Runs Free

Road Movies

Rocket 88 (Rockin' At Midnight) 05/09/00

Rockin' Little Angel


Rusty Willoughby

Sacred Ground

Safe Passage

Sang'n Clarence (It Ain't Mine) 11/14/00


Sebronette Barnes, Soprano And Elise Auerbach, Piano: You Can Tell The World: Songs By African-Ameri

Second Chance

Secret Places Private Thoughts

Separately Together

Sex Equals Chaos = Art

Shad-Rapp (Unlucky Buck) 04/03/01

Shades Of A Soul

Shearwater (The Dissolving Room) 02/13/01

Shedding Skin

Simultaneous Organisms

Sinz Of The World

Slim Danja (Thuggin' It N' Luv'n It) 04/11/00

Slowly But Surely

Smile Inside Your Soul


Smooth Approach (2g Tribe Jams) 05/23/00

So Many Stars

Solo Slim (Sew'd It Up) 04/17/01

Somewhere Else


Sound Check

Southern Baller

Southern Cides (Boy Gal) 03/27/01

Spanish Armada (That Was Then) 03/20/01


Speed Ballin

Spirit Of The Drum

Spiv (By Definition) 08/10/01

Spontaneous Drive

Spotlights & Tightropes

Spotted Owl

Stan Pollmann With Ted Newman & White Horse


Stealth Project:Music Under The Radar (Var:Folk) 07/25/00

Steve Hulse: The Light Within: Meditations Of The Heart

Still Rockin' After All These Years

Stranger Than Truth


Sushirobo (Action Causes More Trouble Than Thou) 08/14/01

Take It!

Tales From Two Cities


Tha Klan (Mississippi Burning) 07/03/01

Thank You For The Music

The Big L

The Chaucer Songbook

The Contemplative Collection

The Episode Now In Full Color

The First Time

The History Of The American Revolution

The New Era

The Repercussions Of Angelic Behavior


This Time

Through The Eyes Of A Kid!

Thursday Friday Sunday

Tian (Tian) 06/12/01


Til I Found You

Time To Sing!

To The Core

To You


Tone Chaperones (Country N'rock N'roll N'rhythm) 04/10/01


Travelers' Tales

Tribute To Hector Lavoe

Tried & True


Tropical Nights

True Love

Turn Up The Gas

Ubiquity Changed

Uncalled 4 Band (We Got Next) 10/20/00

Under Surveillance

Underground Committee (The Prophecy) 10/24/00

Underground Mechanic

Undistorted Light

Universal Soldiers Presents "Us"

Upside Of Down

Virgil (Virgil) 05/16/00

Visit The Entropics!


Voyager One (From The New Nation Of Long Shadow) 07/27/00

Waited So Long

Wake Up Sleepyhead

Ward Of The State


We Lift Our Voices 4 U

Welcome To Tonight

Welcome To Yolandaworld

When Donkeys Fly


Whitford: Orson Welles: Planet Devouring Robot

Wicked Cruel Chicken

Winds Of A Dream


Y2komedy Kjr 95.7 (Featuring Kats In The Kettle)

You Got It

You Taught My Heart

You're My Everything

Young Stars Vol. 1


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