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Adam X (Creative Vandalism) 05/22/01

After Hours (Miles Away) 07/20/99

After Hours 3


Ambient Systems:Limited Edition (Var:Techno/Alt) 11/16/99


Anima Animus

Back To Basics 1 (This Is Acid Jazz)

Best Of Acid Jazz:In The Mix (Var:Jazz/Dance) 05/18/99

Bigger Picture

Bonnevill (Pelican) 03/27/01

Bossa Brava

Bossa Brava (The Very Best Of) 02/26/02

Bossa Brava 3

Bossa Brava:Caliente (Var:Dance) 02/16/99

Bossa Brava:Tropicale (Var:Tropical) 08/08/00

Break N Bossa (The American Chapter) 06/26/01

Chris Bangs Project (Dazzle) 07/20/99

Chronologi:12k Year1-Year4 (Var:Electronic) 06/12/01


Count Basic (Life Think It Over) 04/25/95

Count Basic (Live) 09/23/97

Count Basic (More Than The Best) 02/27/01

Count Basic (Movin' In The Right Direction) 02/27/96

Count Basic (Trust Your Instincts) 01/11/00

Cranes (Future Songs) 01/08/02

Creatures (Anima Animus) 02/16/99

Creatures (Hybrids) 10/19/99

Creatures (Us Retrace) 05/09/00

Day & Night

Departure Lounge (Jetlag Dreams) 09/11/01

Dj Smash (Recollection) 10/23/01

Drum Club (Drums Are Dangerous) 09/23/97

Emit Explorer

Espirito (Peace Of Mind) 09/26/00

Exodus Quartet (Way Out There) 07/23/96

Funk Electric

Future Jazz- Sounds Of Synchrovision

Future Sound Of Jazz

Gota (Let's Get Started) 01/19/99

Gota (The Best Of Gota) 06/11/02

Hip Sway

Hitting The Ground

Honolulu Playboys (Between Drinks) 02/13/01

I Like It Like That

International Language

It's So Different Here

J.B.'S (Reunion Bring The Funk On Down) 02/12/02

Jimpster (Martian Arts) 06/10/97


Kickin Mental Detergent 2

Kosma (Universal) 06/10/97

Last Kiss Goodbye

Live In Italy



Moby (Ambient)

Moby (Early Underground)

Moby (Moby)

Moby (Rare-The Collected B Sides) 08/06/96

My Fever Broke

Never Say Never

Next Step


Nite Flyte (Ascension) 03/23/99

On The One & Two

On The Vibe

Original Raw Soul (This Is Acid Jazz)


Rasputina (Cabin Fever) 04/09/02

Raw Funk

Rising High Techno Injection

Rising High Techno Injection 2

Rothko (In The Pulse Of An Artery) 04/24/01

Sambada (Tropicale) 10/20/98

Seti (Pharos) 09/23/97

Shakatak (Shinin' On) 06/16/98

Slowly (Ming) 10/24/95

Smooth Jazz Blues (The Best Of) 07/20/99

Smooth Jazz For A Rainy Day Moods


Soundscape Uk (Life Force) 09/03/96

Soundscape Uk (Surreal Thing) 01/20/98

State Of The Heart

Step Off:A Collection Of Trip Hop Dub (Var:Da) 04/20/99

The Conversation

This Is Acid Jazz (5/Various) 04/02/96

This Is Acid Jazz (7/Steppin' Out) 04/25/00

This Is Acid Jazz (Very Best Of) 10/09/01

This Is Acid Jazz:The Spoken Word (Var:Acid Jaz) 06/22/99

This Is Smooth Jazz (2/Jazz) 08/22/00

This Is Smooth Jazz (Love Bossa Style) 03/14/00

Trip Hop & Jazz 3

Trip Hop & Jazz 4

Trip Hop Jazz:Global Grooves (Var:Trip Hop) 10/19/99

United Future Organization (Bon Voyage) 01/23/01

Uptown Groove

V.I.P. Club (Coconut Kiss) 04/24/01

Very Best Of After Hours

Violet Indiana (Casino) 01/22/02

Violet Indiana (Roulette) 05/08/01

Vip Club (Urban Life) 03/26/02

Yada Yada (Fingerlikkin' Good) 10/19/99

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