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Jack Dejohnette - Music We Are


Three Musical Brothers - on record together for the first time!

11 Magical Tracks, plus an exclusive 25-minute Behind-The-Scenes documentary DVD on the session.

In the 90's, iconic drummer Jack DeJohnette suggested to John Patitucci and Danilo Perez that they meet and play together. The pairing of Patitucci and Perez went on to be a major force in the jazz of the last decade plus.

Now, for the first time on record, Jack DeJohnette is joined by the master duo that he helped to create - on the brilliant MUSIC WE ARE

An intensely musical meeting of the minds - the recording finds Jack at the height of his creative and musical powers. Recorded during a snow storm near DeJohnette's home in the Catskills in New York, Music We Are captures the trio's unparalleled connection, improvisational compositions, and as DeJohnette explains, "a process of connecting in the studio and collectively following what made the most sense in a given moment" to deliver a musical statement of profound depth and remarkable range.

MUSIC WE ARE, produced by DeJohnette/Patitucci/Perez, combines strictly composed pieces, organically developed in the studio by the trio, with spacious collective improvisations to showcase the three virtuosos performing double-duty: DeJohnette on drums and melodica; Patitucci on upright and electric basses; and Perez on piano and Fender Rhodes.

Vinyl Edition available May 19, 2009.

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