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A Ship With Unfurled Sails

Alan (A Lot About Livin')

Alan (Drive) 01/15/02

Alan (Everything I Love) 10/29/96

Alan (Here In The Real World) 12/21/01

Alan (High Mileage) 09/01/98

Alan (Super Hits) 03/23/99

Alan (The Greatest Hits Collection) 10/24/95

Alan (Under The Influence) 10/26/99

Alan (When Somebody Loves You) 11/07/00

Alan (Who I Am)

Alan - Drive

Alan - Everything I Love

Alan - High Mileage

Alan - Let It Be Christmas

Alan - Super Hits

Alan - Under The Influence

Alan - When Somebody Loves You

Becca (It'll Sneak Up On You) 04/25/97

Bill (Long Steel Rail) 06/05/97

Black Or White (3x)

Bob (The Spiritual Album) 10/16/98

Boom, Boom, Boom (Featuring Lady May)

Brian (Gotta Play) 11/10/00

Bull Moose (Greatest Hits) 12/11/98

Bull Moose (Original Blues) 12/11/98

Bull Moose (Sings His All-Time Hits) 09/15/97

Calvin (Goin' Down South) 08/24/99

Calvin (Mississippi Bound/Goin' Down So) 10/26/99

Carl (Songs Of The South) 04/10/01

Chris (Refined) 08/21/01

Chuck (Encore/Mr.Everything) 12/22/98

Chuck (Golden Classics)

Chuck (I'll Never Get Over You) 09/08/98

Cliff (1930-1945) 03/17/98

Clinton ( Nuff Said) 04/06/99

Cordell (Live In Chicago) 07/24/00

D.D. (1/Paired Down) 06/17/97

D.D. (2/Paired Down) 11/04/97

D.D. (Anthem) 03/07/00

D.D. (Murray/Peace-Song) 04/18/95

D.D. (Rhythm Dance) 05/14/96

D.D. (Sigame) 10/09/01

D.D. (So Far) 09/14/99

D.D. - Anthem

Duffy (Swing Swing Swing ) 12/12/01

Elijah (Reminisce) 10/24/00

Freddie (Best Of Freddie Jackson) 04/06/99

Freddie (Bryson/Back To Back) 07/21/97

Freddie (Just Like The First Time) 10/17/96

Freddie (Life After 30) 02/15/00

Freddie (Live In Concert) 10/10/00

Freddie (Rock Me Tonight) 10/17/96

Freddie (The Very Best Of Classic Fredd) 01/08/02

Freddie (Time For Love) 10/17/96

Hal (Sunday Classics-Wbls) 11/04/99

History In The Mix

History Past, Present And Future Book 1

Jackson, Joe - Symphony No. 1.

James (Raise The Roof) 12/18/00

Janet ( All For You Bonus Remix) 11/15/01

Janet (1/When I Think Of You) 10/09/96

Janet (All For You) 04/20/01

Janet (Bad Girl) 09/28/00

Janet (Control Remixes)

Janet (Control)

Janet (Design Of A Decade 1986/1996) 10/10/95

Janet (Everytime) 10/19/98

Janet (Go Deep) 05/11/98

Janet (Janet Jackson)

Janet (Janet)

Janet (Rhythm Nation 1814)

Janet (Rhythm Nation/814/Janet Jackson) 07/04/00

Janet (Son Of A Gun) 11/06/01

Janet (The Starsound Orchestra Plays Th) 03/13/02

Janet - All For You

Janet - Design Of A Decade

Jermaine (Dynamite) 08/03/99

Jermaine (The Heritage Collection) 02/08/00

Jim (1/1927-1928) 05/21/97

Joe ( Re.M I'm The Man) 08/14/01

Joe ( Re.M Look Sharp ) 08/14/01

Joe ((Cd )Heaven And Hell) 09/02/97

Joe (Body Soul)

Joe (I'm The Man)

Joe (Live 1980-1986)

Joe (Night Day)

Joe (Symphony No.1) 10/19/99

Joe - Heaven Hell. Joe Jackson

John (Country Blues Ditties) 05/18/99

John (Don't Let Your Deal Go Down)

John (Front Porch Blues) 05/25/99

Lamont (Time Is Now) 04/18/00

Lil'son (Blues Come To Texas) 05/21/97

Little Willie (Jazz Me Blues) 06/13/00

Mahalia (16 Most Requested Songs) 08/20/96

Mahalia (A Mighty Fortress) 02/17/98

Mahalia (A Portrait Of) 08/07/01

Mahalia (Amazing Grace) 08/10/99

Mahalia (Amazing Grace) 10/12/01

Mahalia (America's Favorite Hymns)

Mahalia (Apollo Sessions 1946-1951) 08/05/99

Mahalia (Best Loved Spirituals) 07/18/97

Mahalia (Best Of) 05/30/95

Mahalia (Christmas With) 09/19/00

Mahalia (First Lady Of Gospel) 03/01/99

Mahalia (Gospel At It's Best) 10/15/96

Mahalia (Greatest Hits)

Mahalia (I'm Going To Tell God) 10/12/01

Mahalia (In The Upper Room) 09/23/97

Mahalia (Live Newport 1958)

Mahalia (Queen Of Gospel) 07/30/96

Mahalia (Soul Of A Woman) 09/06/00

Mahalia (Sunday Prayer Meeting) 06/19/01

Mahalia (The Essential) 12/12/00

Mahalia (The Power And The Glory) 02/17/98

Mahalia (The Queen Of Gospel) 01/25/00

Mahalia (Volume 2)

Mahalia (World's Greatest Gospel Singer) 07/22/97

Mahalia - Silent Night

Mahalia - Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting (Remastered)

Mahalia - The Best Of Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia - The Power And The Glory

Mahalia - The World's Greatest Gospel Singer

Michael ( Spec.Ed Bad) 10/16/01

Michael ( Spec.Ed Dangerous) 10/16/01

Michael ( Spec.Ed Off The Wall) 10/16/01

Michael ( Spec.Ed Thriller) 10/16/01

Michael ((Sacd)Thriller) 10/15/99

Michael (Anthology) 03/21/95

Michael (Blood On The Dance Floor) 05/20/97

Michael (Invincible) 10/30/01

Michael (Love Songs) 01/15/02

Michael (Swingin' To/Tribute To) 04/18/00

Michael (The Starsound Orchestra Plays) 03/13/02

Michael - Bad (Remastered)

Michael - Blood On The Dance Floor

Michael - Blood On The Dance Floor

Michael - Dangerous

Michael - Dangerous (Remastered)

Michael - Invincible

Michael - Off The Wall (Remastered)

Michael - They Don't Care About Us

Michael - Thriller

Michael - Thriller (Remastered)

Michael Gregory (Clarity) 04/15/96

Millie (A Moment's Pleasure) 08/19/97

Millie (Back To The Sh T) 11/17/98

Millie (Between The Sheets) 10/12/99

Millie (Caught Up/Still Caught Up) 01/12/99

Millie (Feelin' B Tchy) 07/15/97

Millie (Free In Love) 11/30/01

Millie (Get It Out Cha System) 05/20/97

Millie (I Got To Try It One Time) 11/30/01

Millie (It Hurts So Good) 11/30/01

Millie (Live Uncensored) 10/22/99

Millie (Lovingly Yours) 11/30/01

Millie (Millie Jackson Essentials) 10/02/01

Millie (Millie Jackson) 11/30/01

Millie (The Very Best Of)

Millie (Totally Unrestricted (2cd)) 11/11/97

Millie - Anthology

Milt ( Re.M Goodbye) 03/05/02

Milt (1/Basie Big Band)

Milt (1975 At Montreux Jazz Fest.) 02/27/96

Milt (2/Basie Big Band)

Milt (2/Centerpiece) 06/04/02

Milt (A London Bridge) 12/13/01

Milt (Ain't But A Few Of Us Left)

Milt (Alexander/Soul Trio)

Milt (At The Kosei Nenkin) 05/25/99

Milt (Bag's Bag) 05/20/97

Milt (Bags' Bag)

Milt (Best Of Milt Jackson)

Milt (Big Bags)

Milt (Big Mouth)

Milt (Brother Jim) 12/13/01

Milt (Brown/Jam-Montreux '77)

Milt (Burnin' In The Woodhouse) 07/11/95

Milt (Early Modern) 11/16/99

Milt (Explosive) 02/23/99

Milt (For Someone I Love)

Milt (Invitation)

Milt (Jackson's Ville) 03/27/00

Milt (Jazz 'Round Midnight) 01/28/97

Milt (Jazz Skyline) 03/27/00

Milt (Johnson/Brown/ Company) 10/08/96

Milt (Live At The Village Gate)

Milt (Memories Of Thelonius Shere Monk) 03/28/95

Milt (Milt Jackson Quartet)

Milt (Milt Jackson)

Milt (Montgomery/Bags Meets Wes)

Milt (Montgomery/Bags Meets Wes) 05/03/96

Milt (Mostly Duke)

Milt (Mostly Duke) 12/13/01

Milt (Night Mist)

Milt (Opus De Jazz) 03/24/00

Milt (Opus De Jazz) 08/04/97

Milt (Prophet Speaks)

Milt (Reverence Compassion)

Milt (Roll'em Bags) 03/27/00

Milt (Sa Va Bella(For Lady Legends)) 05/20/97

Milt (Soul Believer)

Milt (Soul Route) 12/13/01

Milt (Soul Route) 12/13/01

Milt (Stitt/In The Beginning)

Milt (Sunflower) 09/02/97

Milt (The Ballad Artistry) 04/20/99

Milt (Thompson/Jones/The Jazz Skyline) 03/24/00

Milt (To Bags...With Love) 01/11/00

Milt (W/Wes Montgomery/Bags Meets Wes) 11/27/01

Milt - Burnin' In The Woodhouse

Milt - Reverence Compassion

Milt - Sa Va Bella (For Lady Legends)

Milton (The Bionic Boy) 01/22/02

Nancey (Free(Yes I'm Free)) 10/07/97

Nancey (Relationship) 06/29/99

Not No Faceless Angel

Past,Present Future) 06/20/95

Paul (Black Octopus) 09/26/00

Paul Jr. (A River In The Desert)

Paul Jr. (Out Of The Shadows)

Paul Jr. (The Power Of The String) 02/27/01

Paul Jr. - A River In The Desert

Randy (China Rain) 10/13/98

Rebbie (Yours Faithfully) 03/31/98

Rob - Breakin' Sketti

Scream Louder)

Shannon (J/What Spirit Say) 06/16/98

Shannon (Raven Roc) 08/30/99

Sherri (Catalyst) 06/27/00

Sherri (Sherri Jackson) 05/13/97

Slim (Square Dancing Made Easy) 07/22/97

Stonewall (American Originals)

Stonewall (Classic Country) 09/01/98

Stonewall (Stonewall Jackson) 11/19/01

Stonewall (The Dynamic) 07/22/97

Stonewall - American Originals

The Living Legends)

The) 11/21/00

United Female Sounds Of R B) 02/13/01

Walter (2/Feeling The Song) 02/29/00

Walter (Feeling Good) 06/27/00

Walter (Feelings - Golden Classics)

Walter (I Want To Come Back As A Song) 04/23/01

Walter (Welcome Home-Best Of) 05/28/96

Walter - Welcome Home - The Okeh Years

Wanda (Greatest Hits) 06/12/97

Wanda (Queen Of Rockabilly) 08/14/00

Wanda (Vintage Collections Series) 01/18/96

William (Celtic Experience) 02/10/98

Willis (At Large) 10/03/00

Willis (Bar Wars) 05/20/97

Willis (Gentle Gator)

Willis (Keep On A Blowin') 06/15/99

Willis (Nuther'n Like Thuther'n) 04/23/02

Willis (Plays With Feeling/The Way We) 08/07/01

Willis (W/Pat Martino/Gravy) 03/27/01

Willis (Willis Jackson) 03/23/98

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