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20th Anniv. (2cd)) 09/25/01

Andy (Telling It Like It Is) 07/21/99

Best Of)

Bob ( Earl Klugh/Cool)

Bob (12) 10/17/95

Bob (All Around The Town) 10/17/95

Bob (Bj4) 10/17/95

Bob (Dancing On The Water) 02/13/01

Bob (Foxie) 10/17/95

Bob (Grand Piano Canyon)

Bob (H) 10/17/95

Bob (Hands Down) 10/17/95

Bob (Heads) 10/17/95

Bob (Ivory Coast)

Bob (Joy Ride) 08/24/99

Bob (Lucky Seven) 10/17/95

Bob (Obsession) 04/06/98

Bob (One) 10/17/95

Bob (Playin' Hooky) 09/16/97

Bob (Rameau)

Bob (Restless)

Bob (Sanborn/Double Vision) 05/21/97

Bob (Sign Of The Times) 10/17/95

Bob (Straight Up) 05/28/96

Bob (That Steamin' Feelin') 11/02/01

Bob (The Essential Collection) 04/08/02

Bob (The Genie) 10/17/95

Bob (The Swan) 10/17/95

Bob (Three) 10/17/95

Bob (Touchdown) 11/24/98

Bob (Two) 10/17/95

Bob (Whalum/Joined At/Hip) 09/17/96

Bob - All Around The Town

Bob - Bj4

Bob - Lucky Seven

Bob - Playin' Hooky

Bob - Rameau

Bob - Restless

Bob - Sign Of The Times

Bob - Swan

Bob - Three

Bob - Touchdown

Bob And Kirk Whalum - Joined At The Hip

Bob Trio - Straight Up

Boney ((Ltd.Ed)Ride) 10/23/01

Boney (Backbone)

Boney (Body Language) 02/23/99

Boney (Rick Braun/Shake It Up) 05/30/00

Boney (Ride) 10/23/01

Boney (Seduction) 10/10/95

Boney (Sweet Thing) 03/13/98

Boney (Trust)

Boney - Backbone

Boney - Body Language

Boney - Boney's Funky Christmas

Boney - Ride

Boney Rick Braun - Grazin' In The Grass (Maxi)

Brian (Brian James) 03/12/02

Colin (And The Little Big Band Ii) 01/19/99

Colin (Bad Habits) 09/19/95

Colin - And The Little Big Band

Colin - Bad Habits

Colin - Colin James

Colin - Little Big Band Ii

Colin - Sudden Stop

Colin - Then Again

Danny (Boogie In The Mud/Southern Swamp G) 11/24/98

Davin (Magnolia) 07/10/01

Davin (Making My Mark) 07/04/00

Eddie (Grace) 11/05/96

Elmore (1/Fire Enjoy Sessions)

Elmore (4/Fire Enjoy Sessions)

Elmore (Blues Masters/The Very Best Of) 03/14/00

Elmore (Complete Fire Enjoy Recordings) 11/21/95

Elmore (Dust My Broom) 11/26/96

Elmore (Golden Classics)

Elmore (Immortal) 07/16/98

Elmore (King Of The Slide) 10/24/01

Elmore (Last Sessions) 10/18/99

Elmore (Let's Cut It)

Elmore (Rollin' Tumblin') 11/05/99

Elmore (Slidin' Into The Blues) 09/26/00

Elmore (The Best Of) 08/24/99

Elmore (Untitled) 11/06/01

Etta (Blue Gardenia) 08/21/01

Etta (Burnin' Down The House-Live At The) 05/07/02

Etta (Come A Little Closer) 11/19/96

Etta (Deep In The Night) 06/13/96

Etta (Hard To Handle...Live)

Etta (Heart Of A Woman) 06/29/99

Etta (Her Best) 03/25/97

Etta (Hickory Dickory Dock) 11/24/98

Etta (How Strong Is A Woman) 11/20/97

Etta (Love's Been Rough On Me) 04/29/97

Etta (Matriarch Of The Blues) 12/12/00

Etta (Mystery Lady)

Etta (R B Dynamite)

Etta (Respect Yourself) 09/06/01

Etta (Rocks The House)

Etta (Seven Year Itch)

Etta (Something's Got A Hold) 08/07/98

Etta (The Essential)

Etta (The Right Time)

Etta (These Foolish Things) 03/14/95

Etta (Time After Time) 05/09/95

Etta (Untitled) 02/12/02

Etta (Vinson/Blues In The Night)

Etta (Vinson/The Late Show)

Etta - Blue Gardenia

Etta - Burnin' Down The House - Live At The House Of Blues

Etta - Heart Of A Woman

Etta - Matriarch Of The Blues

Etta - The Right Time

Etta - Twelve Songs Of Christmas

Frank (G.Curry/1934-1938)

Fred (Life Is Hard) 07/13/98

Gold Mother (Remastered)

Gregory (Kai Eckhardt/The Search) 10/20/98

Gregory (Reincarnation) 11/13/01

Gregory (Traveler) 05/23/00

Harry (1/32nd Anniversary Night) 07/06/01

Harry (1939-1940) 01/27/98

Harry (1940-1941) 12/15/98

Harry (1941) 07/26/99

Harry (1943-46) 05/06/96

Harry (1954-1966) 05/14/99

Harry (2/32nd Anniversary Night) 07/06/01

Harry (All Or Nothing At All)

Harry (At Hollywood Palladium/Trumpet Aft) 02/19/02

Harry (Best Of The Big Bands)

Harry (Best Of The War Years) 08/15/01

Harry (Best Of)

Harry (Best Of) 04/28/98

Harry (Big Band Recordings)

Harry (Dance Party/Your Dance Date) 04/16/02

Harry (Feat.F.Sinatra/Complete Recordings) 08/29/95

Harry (Golden Hits) 09/06/01

Harry (Harry James 1941-1942) 12/04/00

Harry (Harry James His Orchestra 1939) 08/26/97

Harry (Harry James) 03/28/96

Harry (Harry James) 10/07/97

Harry (I've Heard That Song Before) 10/22/01

Harry (Jump Sauce) 02/18/99

Harry (Meadowbrook Memories) 04/07/00

Harry (Mr.Trumpet)

Harry (Razzle Dazzle)

Harry (Rve Jazz Masters) 05/21/96

Harry (Spotlight On) 01/15/02

Harry (The Great Harry James) 06/18/96

Harry (The Music Maker) 11/24/98

Harry (The Unforgettable) 05/10/99

Harry (The Very Best Of) 10/09/01

Harry (Trumpeteer) 03/14/00

Harry (Untitled) 11/06/01

Harry (V-Disc Recordings) 08/05/98

Harry - Young Man With A Horn

Hillary ( Bob/Flesh Blood) 03/14/95

History Of)

Ivan (I Desire) 11/07/00

Jack (Moment Of Truth) 09/10/96

Jamie (Crossroads) 06/06/00

Jesse (It Just Don't Feel The Same) 06/10/97

Jesse (Operator Please Put Me Through)

Jimmy (The One Many Voices Of...Live ) 05/18/01

Joni (A Portrait Of)

Joni (Among My Souvenir) 03/22/96

Joni (In Still Of The Night)

Joni (Jukebox Joni) 05/18/99

Joni (Platinum Gold Hits)

Joni (Sings Songs By...) 10/11/99

Joni (The Mood Is Swinging...) 09/15/98

Joni (When I Fall In Love) 07/11/95

Life, Love And The Blues

Lonnie (Dee-O) 10/05/99

Markus (Nightbird) 02/28/02

Markus (Where You Wanna Be) 02/28/02

Michael (Closer To The Fire) 10/22/96

Michael (Where Love Runs Deep) 10/22/96

Mike (Imagine This) 07/03/01


Parlor (Old Dreams) 05/19/98

Pleased To Meet You

Rick (Motown Legends)

Ronnie (Ronnie James The Jez Hot Swing) 06/26/00

Seth (Bad Luck And Trouble) 10/30/01

Seven (Fontana Music Publishing)

Seven (Remastered)

Sit Down '98

Skip (1/The Complete Bloomington Indiana) 09/21/99

Skip (1931) 03/13/96

Skip (2/The Complete Bloomington Indiana) 09/21/99

Skip (Blues From The Delta) 08/11/98

Skip (Comp.Early Recordings)

Skip (Devil Got My Woman) 04/29/99

Skip (Greatest Of The Delta Blues Si) 06/03/97

Skip (Jack Owens/50 Years Mississippi Blu) 09/16/98

Skip (Live) 05/21/97

Skip (Today)

Sonny (Best Of)

Sonny (Greatest Hits)

Sonny (Sunny Side Up) 07/22/97

Steve (Art And Grit) 04/19/01

Steve (Not For Highway Use (Austin Sessio) 08/20/01

Steve (Two Track Mind) 04/19/01

Steve (Two Track Mind) 08/20/01


The Best Of (2cd)) 11/20/01

The Classic Hits Collec) 04/02/98

Tommy (Christian Of The World) 04/20/99

Tommy (Shondells/All Their Best) 07/20/00

Tommy (Shondells/Anthology)

Tommy (Shondells/Crimson;Cellophane)

Tommy (Shondells/Hanky Panky/Mony Mony) 09/12/00

Tommy (Shondells/The Essentials)

Tommy (Tommy James The Shondells) 06/15/98

Tommy /Shondells (All-Time Greatest Hits) 12/18/01

Tommy The Shondells (Very Best Of)

Tommy The Shondells - The Essentials


Whiplash (Remastered)

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