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All In A Garden Green

Cantata Mundi) 07/30/97

Clay (Yellow Flowers After) 09/23/97

Diamond Music. Palladio, Adiemus Variations, Passacaglia, St

Ella (African American Folk Rhythms) 10/20/98

Ella (And One And Two) 01/25/96

Ella (Call And Response) 10/20/98

Ella (Counting Games Rhythms For/Litt) 10/21/97

Ella (Early Early Childhood Songs) 08/13/96

Ella (Ella Jenkins A Union Of Friends) 09/21/99

Ella (Jambo And Other Call And Response) 08/13/96

Ella (Little Johnny Brown) 07/16/01

Ella (Multicultural Children's Songs) 10/17/95

Ella (Nursery Rhymes) 01/25/96

Ella (Seasons For Singing) 01/25/00

Ella (Songs Children Love To Sing) 08/13/96

Ella (Songs Rhythms From Near Far) 10/21/97

Florence Foster (Glory Of The Human Voice)

Florence Foster - The Glory ( ) Of The Human Voice

Gordon (The Magic World Of Gordon Jenki) 05/15/00

Jenkins - Adiemus 2 - Cantata Mundi. London Philharmonic Orch

Jody (Dancin' The Night Away) 02/03/99

Johnny (Ton-Ton Macoute) 08/19/97

Jordan (Jordan Timmons Jenkins)

Karl (Diamond Music) 09/17/96

Karl (Imagined Oceans) 06/23/98

Leroy (Urban Blues) 02/04/97

Quirk - Concertos

Snuffy (Pioneer Of The Bluegrass Banjo) 08/18/98

Stabat Mater

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