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Jet Set

Arab Strap (Elephant Shoe) 06/06/00

Arab Strap (Mad For Sadness) 07/04/00

Astral Astronauts

Bedhead (Macha/Loved) 04/25/00

Black Box Recorder (England Made Me) 07/06/99

Black Box Recorder (The Facts Of Life) 03/20/01

Black Box Recorder (The Worst Of Black Box Reco) 08/21/01

Bright Yellow Bright Orange

Cd - Teenage Fanclub - Four Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty-Six Seconds

Close Cover Before Striking

Congo Norvell (Abnormals Anonymous) 11/11/97

Death By Chocolate

Elysian Fields (Queen Of The Meadow) 11/14/00

Fibreforms (Stone Ep) 10/02/98

Firewater (Get Off The Cross) 10/22/96

Firewater (The Ponzi Scheme) 05/05/98

Go-Betweens (The Friends Of Rachel Worth) 09/19/00

Gunga Din (Glitterati) 02/08/00

Home (Netherregions) 02/17/98

Kid Silver (Dead City Sun Beams) 02/23/99


Luna (Romantica) 04/23/02


Macha (See It Another Way) 08/03/99

Mogwai (4 Satin) 08/18/98

Mogwai (Kicking A Dead Pig) 06/02/98

Mogwai (Young Team) 10/21/97

Prolapse (Backsaturday) 05/30/01

Prolapse (Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes) 05/18/99

Prolapse (The Italian Flag) 09/23/98



Sanko,Erik (Past Imperfect,Present Tense) 09/04/01

Seaworthy (The Ride) 01/22/02

Send Me A Lullaby & Rarities (Reis)

Sister Sonny (Love Songs) 11/02/99

Sonic Souvenirs

Spring Hill Fair & Rarities (Reis)

Stratford 4 (Revolt Against Tired Noises) 02/05/02

The Jesus Lizard

Tram (Frequently Asked Questions) 02/06/01

Tram (Heavy Black Frame) 09/28/99

Music: Home

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