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Annie's Christmas (Cast Of Annie)

Buffalo Bills (Chordett/Barbershop Harmony Time) 07/21/97

Cut To The Bone

Fabulous Thunderbirds (Wrap It Up) 07/21/97

Hi-Lo's (Together Wherever We Go) 07/22/97

Isley Brothers (Hello It's Me) 07/17/97

Lisa Lisa Cult Jam (Head To Toe) 07/22/97

Loverboy (Temperture's Rising) 07/17/97

Manhattans (One Life To Live) 07/22/97

Manhattans (Wish That You Were Mine) 02/03/99

Molly Hatchet (Cut To The Bone) 07/22/97

Philadelphia Orchestra (Greatest Christmas Hits)

Shenandoah (Coming Home) 07/22/97

Spirit (I Got A Line On You) 07/17/97

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