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Allan (The Donkey Serenade) 01/23/01

Amanda (Voices) 05/21/01

Andrew (I Need Time) 06/24/97

Andrew (Watch What You Say) 06/09/98

Arthur (Speak For Me) 03/12/02

Bill (Panchpuran) 08/14/01

Bobby New Life (Just Churchin') 04/21/98

Boogaloo Joe (2/Legends Of Acid Jazz) 12/15/98

Brent (T.P.Mobb/Beautiful) 04/09/02

Brent (Tp Mobb/Brent Jones And The T.P.Mo) 09/26/00

Buck (Bliss) 07/13/99

Buzzy (Fe-Ma-Le Delight)

Carlos (Full Circle Retrospective) 03/29/01

Carmell (Jay Hawk Talk) 11/21/00

Chris (Free Man) 07/27/98

Curtis (2/1938-1939)

Curtis (3/1939-1940)

Curtis (4/1941-1953) 02/06/98

Curtis (Trouble Blues)

Donell (Life Goes On) 05/21/02

Donell - Life Goes On

Donell - Put Me Down

Donell - You Know That I Love

Donna Bryant (Restored) 10/02/01

Dr.Bobby New Life (Bring It To Jesus) 06/25/99

Eddie Lee (Yonder Go That Old Black Dog) 04/18/95

Elvin (And Then Again/Midnight Walk) 01/25/00

Elvin (Dear John C.)

Elvin (Elvin)

Elvin (It Don't Mean A Thing)

Elvin (Live At The Village Vanguard) 04/01/02

Elvin (Richard Davis/Heavy Sounds) 09/21/99

Elvin/Jimmy Garrison (Illumination) 02/24/98

Etta (1944-1947) 09/15/99

Etta (At Last) 11/16/99

Etta (Best Of Etta Jones) 04/02/02

Etta (Don't Go To Strangers)

Etta (Easy Living) 09/12/00

Etta (From The Heart) 02/03/99

Etta (Hollar ) 12/12/01

Etta (Lonely And Blue)

Etta (Love Shout) 07/15/97

Etta (My Gentleman Friend) 12/05/00

Etta (My Mother's Eyes) 06/17/97

Etta (Reverse The Charges) 12/05/00

Etta (So Warm) 02/06/96

Etta (Something Nice)

Etta (Sugar) 12/05/00

Etta (The Melody Lingers On) 03/04/97

Floyd (Taylor/Masters Of Modern Blues) 02/21/97

G) 04/02/98

George (1 2 Super Hits/George Tammy) 08/12/97

George (14 Greats) 06/12/97

George (16 Biggest Hits) 07/14/98

George (2/Greatest Hits) 06/12/97

George (2/Super Hits)

George (24 Greatest Hits) 11/01/96

George (All-Time Greatest Hits)

George (Anniv.-10 Years Of Hits)

George (At His Best) 05/20/96

George (Blue Side Of Lonesome) 01/26/99

George (Classic Jones) 10/09/01

George (Cold Hard Truth) 06/22/99

George (Conway Twitty/George Jones Conw) 12/11/98

George (Country Stars Stripes) 05/03/02

George (Don't Stop The Music) 11/23/98

George (First Time Live)

George (George Jones Friends) 10/14/97

George (George Jones) 02/26/99

George (Golden Hits) 06/12/97

George (Greatest Country Hits)

George (Greatest Hits More (3cd)) 04/04/02

George (Hallelujah Weekend) 08/22/00

George (Hank By George) 01/24/96

George (I Am What I Am) 07/04/00

George (I'm A One-Woman Man) 06/12/97

George (Johnny Paycheck/George Jones Jo) 12/11/98

George (King's Ransom (3cd)) 07/14/99

George (King's Ransom Pak (3 Cd)) 07/19/01

George (Life Turned Her That Way) 06/12/97

George (Live With The Possum) 11/09/99

George (Lovin' Time) 12/11/98

George (Memories Of Us/The Battle) 07/20/99

George (Montgomery/George Jones Melba) 06/12/97

George (My Very Special Guests)

George (Nothin' Like George Jones) 07/22/97

George (Nothing Ever Hurt Me (Half As Bad) 10/20/98

George (One Woman Man)

George (Sings The Great Songs Of Leon) 06/12/97

George (Still The Same Ole Me) 01/15/02

George (Superhits)

George (Tammy Wynette/16 Biggest Hits) 08/10/99

George (Tammy Wynette/It Sure Was Good) 01/16/02

George (Tammy Wynette/Together Again) 04/02/99

George (Tender Years)

George (The Best Of Sacred Music) 12/11/98

George (The Best Of-The Rolls Royce Of Co) 03/14/01

George (The Essential) 08/18/98

George (The Songs I Wanta Sing) 07/22/97

George (Untitled) 11/05/01

George (Ways Of The World) 07/25/00

George (Wishing And Dreaming With...) 12/11/98

George (Wynette/2-Greatest Hits)

George (Wynette/Greatest Hits)

George (Wynette/President 1st Lady) 01/25/96

George (Wynette/Super Hits) 05/02/95

George - 16 Biggest Hits

George - Anniversary Ten Years Of Hits

George - Cold Hard Truth

George - First Time Live

George - One Woman Man

George - The Rock

George Tammy Wynette - 16 Biggest Hits

George Tammy Wynette - Greatest Hits - Vol. 2

Glenn (All Of You)

Glenn (Glenn Jones)

Glenn (Greatest Hits)

Glenn (Here I Am)

Glenn (Here I Go Again)

Glenn (It's Time) 10/06/98

Glenn - Here I Am

Glenn - Here I Go Again

Grace (Island Life)

Grace (Livin' My Life)

Grace (Nightclubbing)

Grace (Portfolio)

Grace (Slave To The Rhythm)

Grace (Warm Leatherette)

Hank (Ain't Misbehavin') 10/20/99

Hank (Arigato) 12/07/99

Hank (Bluebird) 03/13/01

Hank (Handful Of Keys)

Hank (Hank Jones Quartet) 08/16/99

Hank (Just For Fun)

Hank (Lazy Afternoon) 03/14/97

Hank (Quartet-Quintet) 08/16/99

Hank (Tiptoe Tapdance)

Hank (W/Meridian String Quartet) 02/04/98

Hank (Yback Recital) 10/14/97

Howard (Best Of)

Howard (Cross That Line)

Howard (Dream Into Action)

Howard (Human's Lib)

Howard (In The Running)

Howard (One To One)

Howard (Perform.01) 08/14/01

Howard (The Essentials)

Howard - Best Of Howard Jones

Howard - Cross That Line

Howard - Dream Into Action

Howard - Human's Lib

Isham (Plays His Own Compositions) 02/13/01

Isham (The Centennial Album)

Jack (Gershwin Album)

Jack (Paints A Tribute To Tony Bennett) 10/08/98

Jack (The Best Of) 07/26/99

Jack (The Impossible Dream) 10/11/01

Jack - The Gershwin Album

Jesse Jr. (Soul Serenade) 03/13/97

Jinx (License To Twang) 01/16/01

Jo (Essential Jo Jones) 03/07/95

Jo (The Main Man)

Joan (Starlite Criminal) 09/01/98

Joe (Legends Of Acid Jazz) 07/09/96

John Paul (Zooma) 09/14/99

Johnny (Blues Is In The House) 11/06/01

Johnny (I Was Raised On The Blues) 08/20/98

Johnny L. (W/Billy Boy Arnold)

Jonah (1936-1945) 01/27/98

Jonah (Butterflies In The Rain-1944) 01/21/02

Jonah (I Dig Jonah ) 02/08/00

Kacey - Men Are Some Of My Favorite People

Keziah (Blufunk Is A Fact)

Leroy (City Of Sounds) 05/11/99

Little Johnny (Let's Go Back To God) 09/19/97

Lloyd (Love Gotcha) 09/16/99

Lloyd (The Lloyd Jones Struggle) 08/20/01

Lloyd - Love Gotcha

Mark (Prosperity/We Worship You) 11/21/00

Marnie (Journeys) 12/14/99

Marti (Live At Spirit Square) 03/25/96

Marti (My Longhaired Life) 10/15/96

Marti (My Tidi Doily Dream) 01/29/02

Mason (International Incident) 01/20/98

Mathilda (Dues Paid In Full) 09/13/00

Michael ((Deluxe) Pianoscapes (2cd)) 06/18/02

Michael (After The Rain) 02/04/98

Michael (Pianoscapes) 02/04/98

Michael (Seascapes) 02/04/98

Michael (Touch) 02/04/98

Michael Kevin (Original Music For Cello ) 11/05/99

Mike (Live At Steinway Hall) 01/24/00

Mike (Oh Look At Me Now) 04/15/98

Mike (Runnin Wild) 04/15/98

Natisse "Bambi" (Girls Wanna Have Funds) 02/20/01

Nic (Penguin Eggs)

Pastor Mose A. (Live In Houston) 09/26/00

Paul (My Testimony) 04/28/97

Paul (Pucker Up Buttercup) 08/03/99

Paul (The Best Of Rev.Paul Jones) 04/16/98

Paul (The Final Chapter)

Paul Ubana (I Need A Storm)

Philip (Greatest Hits (2cd)) 01/23/01

Philip (The 20th Century Album (2cd)) 02/26/02

Philly Joe (Blues For Dracula)

Philly Joe (Drum Songs) 04/02/02

Philly Joe (Drums Around The Wor)

Philly Joe (Philly Mignon) 11/21/00

Philly Joe (Showcase)

Q - The Musical Biography

Quincy (Body Heat)

Quincy (Herbie Hancock/Back To Back) 04/24/01

Quincy (Jazz 'Round Midnight) 07/29/97

Quincy (Ltd.Ed./Q's Jook Joint) 10/31/95

Quincy (Q Live In Paris Circa 1960) 10/08/96

Quincy (Quincy Jones) 02/29/00

Quincy (Quintessence) 04/08/97

Quincy (Sammy Nestico/Basie Beyond) 10/03/00

Quincy (Sounds... Stuff Like)

Quincy (Talkin' Verve) 03/27/01

Quincy (The Dude)

Quincy (The Genius Of...) 05/09/00

Quincy (The Reel Quincy Jones) 06/15/99

Quincy (This Is How I Feel About Jazz)

Quincy (Ultimate Collection) 04/16/02

Raymond (Intimate) 11/20/01

Rickie Lee (Aus/Traffic From Paradise) 11/19/98

Rickie Lee (Flying Cowboys)

Rickie Lee (It's Like This) 09/12/00

Rickie Lee (Pirates)

Rickie Lee (Red Rocks) 11/20/01

Rickie Lee (Rickie Lee Jones)

Rickie Lee (The Magazine)

Rickie Lee (Traffic From Paradise)

Rickie Lee - Rickie Lee Jones

Robin (Chango) 04/06/99

Rodney (Soul Manifesto) 08/28/01

Rodney (The Undiscovered Few) 06/15/99

Sally (Love Hurts) 05/30/01

Sam (Down Home) 02/28/95

Sam (Right Down Front)

Sam (Something In Common) 11/14/00

Sam (Soul Society)

Sam (The Chant)

Save Your Love For) 04/06/99

Sharon (Dap Dippin') 05/14/02

Shirley (Jack Cassidy/Show Tunes) 07/22/97

Sir Charles (Love Machine) 12/04/01

Sir Charles (Sir Charles Jones) 03/06/01

Sir Charles (Sir Charles Jones) 10/31/00

Solo Guest Performance) 05/20/99

Songs Of Buddy Johnson) 05/19/98

Spike (1/Radio Years)

Spike (2/Radio Years) 10/08/97

Spike (Best Of)

Spike (Greatest Hits) 08/24/99

Spike (Musical Depreciation Revue)

Spike (Musical Depreciation) 04/11/96

Spike (Spiked )

Spike (V-Disc Recordings) 02/16/99

Spike (Very Best Of) 08/10/99

Spike - Spiked

Spike - The Best Of Spike Jones And His City Sli

Stone Cold Country 2001) 09/25/01

Stuart (Lifeforce) 12/07/99

Stuart (Love's Dream) 05/21/01

Super Hits, Vol. 2

Thad (After Hours)

Thad (Fabulous Thad Jones)

Thad (Greetings Salutations) 01/27/98

Thad (Mad Thad) 09/21/99

Thad (Mel Lewis/Basie 1969) 09/16/98

Thad (Mel Lewis/Woody Herman His Swingi) 07/12/01

Thad (Opening Night) 04/10/02

Thad (Pepper Adams/Mean What You Say)

The Album) 02/26/02

The Essential George Jones - The Spirit Of Country

The Musical Biography Of (4cd)) 10/16/01

Tom ( E.Humperdinck/Their Greatest) 10/07/97

Tom (1/Baby It's Cold Outside) 12/13/99

Tom (2/Baby It's Cold Outside) 12/16/99

Tom (Best Of Tom Jones) 07/28/97

Tom (Coast To Coast-Love Classics) 04/08/99

Tom (From The Vaults) 04/28/98

Tom (Greatest Hits Vol.1) 11/05/01

Tom (Greatest Hits Vol.2) 11/05/01

Tom (Greatest Songs) 02/14/95

Tom (Harvey Schmidt/The Show Must Go On) 06/16/98

Tom (Hits And Duets) 12/12/00

Tom (Hits) 01/25/00

Tom (Hot Country Nights) 08/22/00

Tom (Humperdink/Sing Country Favorites) 05/21/97

Tom (Legend) 03/07/00

Tom (Love Me Tonight) 01/25/00

Tom (Love Songs Ballads) 03/16/99

Tom (Move Closer)

Tom (Never Better) 03/29/00

Tom (Original Gold (2cd)) 01/25/00

Tom (The Best Of) 06/16/98

Tom (The Legends Collection (2-Cd)) 01/24/01

Tom (The Millennium Collection/Best Of) 02/08/00

Tom (Things That Matter Most To Me) 02/26/02

Tom (Tom Jones Hits/Love Me Tonight (2cd)) 01/25/00

Tommy (Breakthrough ) 09/25/01

Trevor - Brassed Off

Victor (Visible Sound Grove) 02/27/96

Vince (For All Colours) 08/24/99

Willie Iii (1/Straight Swingin') 12/11/00

Yvette (That's If You Want It) 01/18/00

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