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Janis (18 Essential Songs) 01/31/95

Janis (Big Brother The Holding Company) 01/23/01

Janis (Big Brother The Holding Company) 08/31/99

Janis (Box Of Pearls (5cd)) 08/31/99

Janis (Cheap Thrills) 08/31/99

Janis (Cheap Thrills/Kozmic Blues/Pearl) 01/18/00

Janis (Farewell Song)

Janis (Greatest Hits) 08/31/99

Janis (I Got Dem Ol'kozmic Blues Again M) 08/31/99

Janis (In Concert)

Janis (Janis)

Janis (Janis) 08/18/98

Janis (Live At Winterland '68) 06/02/98

Janis (Pearl) 08/31/99

Janis (Super Hits) 05/09/00

Janis - 18 Essential Songs

Janis - Big Brother The Holding Company (Remastered)

Janis - Box Of Pearls (Remastered)

Janis - Cheap Thrills (Multichannel)

Janis - Cheap Thrills (Remastered)

Janis - Greatest Hits (Remastered)

Janis - I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama (Remastered)

Janis - Janis (Reconfigured 3 Cd Cube)

Janis - Live At Winterland '68

Janis - Pearl (Remastered)

Josh (Useful Music) 01/23/01

Marches, Waltzes & Rags

Scott (1-3/Piano Rags/Rifkin)

Scott (Digital Ragtime)

Scott (Easy Winners)

Scott (Elite Syncopations) 06/03/97

Scott (Greatest Hits)

Scott (King Of Ragtime Writers) 06/03/97

Scott (Piano Music) 09/21/99

Scott (Piano Works/Hyman)

Scott (Red Back Book)

Scott (Super Hits) 08/08/00

Scott (The Complete Works Of) 04/03/02

Scott (The Complete Works) 05/15/01

Scott (The Complete Works) 05/15/01

Scott (The Entertainer) 05/03/01

Scott (The Gold Collection) 05/15/00

The Red Back Book, Elite Syncopations / Schuller, Grierson, New England Ragtime Conservatory

Tribute/Age Of Ragtime) 02/07/97

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